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  1. Rhom Twinmaster

    Well guys, if you come across anything half decent please bear me in mind Thanks
  2. Rhom Twinmaster

    Thanks John, I've actually got 3 little half sisters and ultimately it would nice to get them all their own pistol ... It was actually Micky Gault that suggested it because we could get a new for under £300. A nice Steyr would be idea but a little expensive. We have compressed air cylinders but correct me if I'm wrong, everyone seems to be going away from CO2. 2nd air pistols seem to be difficult to find.
  3. New Skins

    Thought it was quite apt for a shooting forum Not bad for $30 although I'm still not 100% about it I'm thinking the 3rd one has a little more colour to it ... somewhere inbetween 1) and 2) would be nice but since v2.2 of the forum software will be released soon (and could potentially have some style-sheet differences, I think I will wait) Edit: I didn't mean the "3rd one" above, I meant the 2nd option had more colour to it
  4. Icons Not Displaying

    Ian, Just to clarify, are you talking about at the top most level of the forum (the root) or one level down e.g. once inside the General section? Bill, The little orange square sounds fine, see attached - does your screen look like this? Dark/Hightlighted blue icons obviously represent 'unread' posts. If all your icons are showing as if everything is unread then you can always click on the link at the bottom right of the screen to clear that "Mark all posts as read". Next time you return to the forum, new posts only should show with the bright blue icons, all other forums/posts will have a faint blue icon next to them.
  5. Icons Not Displaying

    Hi Ian, Running any software firewalls on both machines?
  6. Photo Gallery

    Well folks, As mentioned in the upgrade thread, thanks to donations I've been able to source this newer version of the forum and I also purchased the Gallery module which I have just integrated into the forum. Please be patient until I get some time to set it up properly and then you will all be able to enjoy. Many thanks Neil
  7. Photo Gallery

    Unfortunately I will probably have to impose restrictions so as disk space and bandwidth does not go through the roof
  8. Photo Gallery

    Hey Jon, As I mentioned, I've not actually had a chance to look at it yet - permissions, fields etc
  9. Upgrading The Forum

    LOL, thanks Paul
  10. Upgrading The Forum

    I had explained the easy way but if you don't want to clear all your cookies in Internet Explorer then ... (on Windows XP) 1) Open Windows Explorer (Ensure hidden folders are shown - Tools -> Folder Options ... Click on the "View" tab and enable "Show hidden files and folders") 2) Navigate your way to C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files 3) Look for Cookie:<username>@forum.stirton.com and delete it. OR do the easy option mention on page 3
  11. Upgrading The Forum

    You beat me to it - thanks
  12. Upgrading The Forum

    My biggest hope is that I get rid of all these 'spam' accounts that keep trying to auto-register with the new, more secure registration proces
  13. Upgrading The Forum

    Quick reply can be switched on per forum mate, just not had time Can I suggest that people clear their cache and cookies for the forum. (Internet Explorer = Tools -> Internet Options... -> Delete Files (half way down)) (Firefox = Clear Private Data) The reason for doing this is to ensure that you get the new forum icons and also alleviate problems with getting thrown out of the forum when moving between pages. WARNING: By clearing your cache and cookies by the above method, you will potentially lose other automatic login details to other sites
  14. Upgrading The Forum

    Getting there ... Oooh! Pretty new dress... Also much better functionality back end, can give more control to moderators/2nd admins etc
  15. Upgrading The Forum

    Getting there ...
  16. Upgrading The Forum

    A few "wee" niggles still need ironed out ... there are a few issues with permissions that I'm looking at just now, as some folks have reported that they can't see everything that they did before...
  17. Upgrading The Forum

    Forum software now upgraded I went for v2 of the same software so as to minimise disruption to the service and keep the learning curve to a minimum. I hope it is well received. There are a few glitches that need rectified (such as some smilies not showing from old posts) Thanks for your patience. Neil
  18. Upgrading The Forum

    Right folks, Thank you to all of you who have generously donated, you know who you are. Your support has enabled the purchase of Invision v2. We are going to upgrade the forum asap so please expect the forum to be down for a short period of time. Thanks
  19. Fas Ap609 Air Pistol For Sale

    Gorgs is now a member on here and should be able to answer that herself
  20. 3p Stand

    You've got a PM
  21. Upgrading The Forum

    I've said before but if anyone wants to have a look at those available, then the links are on page [1] of this thread. Invision v2 is swaying it for me right now because: 1) It is still being supported and improved (quite often extra admin functions) 2) A fully integrated gallery can be purchased and use the same login details without having to hack anything to get it to work $250 for the above The other main option I'm cosidering is vBulletin and then some o/s gallery software that has already been 'hacked' to use the same usernames and passwords - not as clean though.
  22. Upgrading The Forum

    Hi Trigger, Some of you questions may be addressed if you click on page [1] of this thread - which can be found at the top and bottom of the thread. The Paypal link is simply there to receive funds towards the running costs of the forum. The more people join, the more it starts to cost in hosting. Now I don't mind covering most of this cost but if people wish to contribute then this is graciously received. Most likely I will upgrade to v2 of this forum software so as to minimise any disruption to the members. That also gives scope to integrate a gallery too - this will obviously increase the amount of data as photos take up considerably more bandwidth than just text. If you have any more questions then feel free to post here or PM me.
  23. Feinwerkbau P70

    Steve, I could be interested .. although I'm toying with the P700 PM me some details please and photos when you can Thanks Neil
  24. Upgrading The Forum

    Folks, that's 7 of you today already that have donated - thank you all very much as you have all been very generous. It was 2 years ago that the poll was started and I need to review what the best forum software out on the market is - I know people are used to this one, however I would like the site to have so much more such as an integrated photo gallery and other related shooting material ... I think this could be a winter project I've no doubt you'll all provide useful suggestions and contributions
  25. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks for the idea Rutty, I like it although I will stress that any donations are entirely voluntary. Thanks to those who have generously donated this morning already.