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  1. Upgrading The Forum

    Folks, that's the forum upgraded to the latest version from 2.1.7 to 2.2.1. What does that mean to me I hear you say http://community.ipslink.com/board/ - New Personal Profiles - Rich Text Editor - Buddy lists You certainly should not find anything any worse and hopefully some of the minor bugs fixed
  2. Setting Up A Invision Forum

    Hi Bob, There are several incarnations of forum software out there to be honest. Among the best known are this one (www.invisionboard.com), vBulletin (www.vbulletin.com) and phpBB (www.phpbb.com) This forum used to be phpBB until I upgrade to Invision v1 a couple of years ago (which was also free back then). Now both Invision and vBulletin are commercial products but they do provide greater control, especially from an Admin point of view. To expand on what Marfulee has said: Invision can run under pretty much any web serving engine (Apache, IIS etc as long as it supports PHP) The standard price includes the MySQL driver but you can also now purchase MSSQL or Oracle for an additional $50 I think. You've got fairly granular control over user & group permissions and how you manage the forum to be honest. You can make it is open and simple as possible, or as tied down and complex as you wish. 1) $200-300 (or look into one of the freebies) 2) Nothing that anyone with a bit of technical savvy will struggle with 3) Not really. To keep the integrity of this forum, registered user's have to be manually approved before their account is active. You can setup auto-archiving of the database etc if you want. 4) A web server of some kind supporting PHP, and a database server such as MySQL (MSSQL or Oracle also possible with some of the systems) Cheers Neil
  3. New Skins

    Looking at some further skin options for the forum - getting bored with the blue The URL's corresponding to the above: 1. http://www.extremepixels.net/ipb/index.php...&skinid=112 2. http://www.extremepixels.net/ipb/index.php...&skinid=154 3. http://www.extremepixels.net/ipb/index.php...&skinid=137 My favourite is the 1st one because of the target like icons for new posts
  4. Cannot Add Calendar Events

    Ok Rob, Try now. There are a lot of new options to administer the forum and for some reason the ShootingMods group didn't have permissions to post a calendar item. I have also removed the need for all calendar events to be approved since I trust you all not to post anything daft
  5. Attachments

    Will have a look
  6. Cannot Add Calendar Events

    That's for a reason Rob When I get a chance, I'll have a look.
  7. New Skins

    The beauty is each member can choose their own skin
  8. Rhom Twinmaster

    Anyone know of or have a Rhom Twinmaster Top or preferably Sport for sale? I'm after 1 (just now) for my "little" sisters... If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. Cheers N.
  9. Rhom Twinmaster

    Well guys, if you come across anything half decent please bear me in mind Thanks
  10. Rhom Twinmaster

    Thanks John, I've actually got 3 little half sisters and ultimately it would nice to get them all their own pistol ... It was actually Micky Gault that suggested it because we could get a new for under £300. A nice Steyr would be idea but a little expensive. We have compressed air cylinders but correct me if I'm wrong, everyone seems to be going away from CO2. 2nd air pistols seem to be difficult to find.
  11. New Skins

    Thought it was quite apt for a shooting forum Not bad for $30 although I'm still not 100% about it I'm thinking the 3rd one has a little more colour to it ... somewhere inbetween 1) and 2) would be nice but since v2.2 of the forum software will be released soon (and could potentially have some style-sheet differences, I think I will wait) Edit: I didn't mean the "3rd one" above, I meant the 2nd option had more colour to it
  12. Icons Not Displaying

    Ian, Just to clarify, are you talking about at the top most level of the forum (the root) or one level down e.g. once inside the General section? Bill, The little orange square sounds fine, see attached - does your screen look like this? Dark/Hightlighted blue icons obviously represent 'unread' posts. If all your icons are showing as if everything is unread then you can always click on the link at the bottom right of the screen to clear that "Mark all posts as read". Next time you return to the forum, new posts only should show with the bright blue icons, all other forums/posts will have a faint blue icon next to them.
  13. Icons Not Displaying

    Hi Ian, Running any software firewalls on both machines?
  14. Photo Gallery

    Well folks, As mentioned in the upgrade thread, thanks to donations I've been able to source this newer version of the forum and I also purchased the Gallery module which I have just integrated into the forum. Please be patient until I get some time to set it up properly and then you will all be able to enjoy. Many thanks Neil
  15. Photo Gallery

    Unfortunately I will probably have to impose restrictions so as disk space and bandwidth does not go through the roof
  16. Photo Gallery

    Hey Jon, As I mentioned, I've not actually had a chance to look at it yet - permissions, fields etc
  17. Upgrading The Forum

    LOL, thanks Paul
  18. Upgrading The Forum

    I had explained the easy way but if you don't want to clear all your cookies in Internet Explorer then ... (on Windows XP) 1) Open Windows Explorer (Ensure hidden folders are shown - Tools -> Folder Options ... Click on the "View" tab and enable "Show hidden files and folders") 2) Navigate your way to C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files 3) Look for Cookie:<username>@forum.stirton.com and delete it. OR do the easy option mention on page 3
  19. Upgrading The Forum

    You beat me to it - thanks
  20. Upgrading The Forum

    My biggest hope is that I get rid of all these 'spam' accounts that keep trying to auto-register with the new, more secure registration proces
  21. Upgrading The Forum

    Quick reply can be switched on per forum mate, just not had time Can I suggest that people clear their cache and cookies for the forum. (Internet Explorer = Tools -> Internet Options... -> Delete Files (half way down)) (Firefox = Clear Private Data) The reason for doing this is to ensure that you get the new forum icons and also alleviate problems with getting thrown out of the forum when moving between pages. WARNING: By clearing your cache and cookies by the above method, you will potentially lose other automatic login details to other sites
  22. Upgrading The Forum

    Getting there ... Oooh! Pretty new dress... Also much better functionality back end, can give more control to moderators/2nd admins etc
  23. Upgrading The Forum

    Getting there ...
  24. Upgrading The Forum

    A few "wee" niggles still need ironed out ... there are a few issues with permissions that I'm looking at just now, as some folks have reported that they can't see everything that they did before...
  25. Upgrading The Forum

    Forum software now upgraded I went for v2 of the same software so as to minimise disruption to the service and keep the learning curve to a minimum. I hope it is well received. There are a few glitches that need rectified (such as some smilies not showing from old posts) Thanks for your patience. Neil