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  1. Tabular vs Grid Layout

    David, it was done back in Feb
  2. Hi, Got a friend's .22 Crossman air rifle for sale ... needs some TLC as currently firing with low power (I've not had a chance to look at it) £60 ono.
  3. Hi all, A friend of mine has a .22 BSA air rifle for sale. There are a few scratches on the woodwork but otherwise in good nick. It was £320 2yrs ago, and he's looking for £160.
  4. Meyton target for sale

    Hi Mary Drop me a note via PM of when you'll be in Edinburgh. I am unlikely to be there of a weekend but working down there Tue-Thu at present. Sure we can arrange something.
  5. Tabular vs Grid Layout

    Back to the old layout we go
  6. Loot pictures

    Just stopping you posting too many dodgy pictures Jim
  7. Hi folks, Remember to put down an asking price when selling items please, and thanks
  8. Meyton target for sale

    Mary, if you're after the metal frame for 50m, I have one that I bought but don't use. Was £350 when bought, not used once ... £200 if you collect next time someone is in Aberdeen as it's heavy and bulky
  9. Tabular vs Grid Layout

    Which do you prefer in terms of layout?
  10. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks John I'll get the donate button up when I can but in the middle of some large projects and also trying to train towards the upcoming Comm Champs .. not enough hours in the day!
  11. Upgrading The Forum

    I've modified the language template and think that should be it now, can you refresh and check? Thanks
  12. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks David, Will put it on the new version of the forum
  13. Upgrading The Forum

    Forum will be getting upgraded to v4 imminently!!
  14. Upgrading The Forum

    Thanks guys, and OK I'm happy to keep things running (donations welcome - will get that setup on the site again ) Working in the IT industry, I know all too well how old versions of software tend to lend themselves to the unscrupulous ones out there, giving them known (and unpatched) exploits they can target. This version of the forum went end of life in terms of support a couple of months back, and would like to keep it up-to-date and as secure as possible to limit attempts from hackers ... that's my main driver for upgrading .. security!
  15. Please Read!

    Hi Cumbrian, Thank you. Would be interested to hear from people about how they still use the forum, as posts primarily seem to indicated For Sale and Wanted....