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  1. BSA Martini Internationals x 2

    Hi Tim Can you send me pictures of both rifles please? I am expecting my FAC back with a variation and a slot for a .22 rifle by the end of this week. my email is, allen365@talktalk.net Regards Stuart
  2. Upgrading The Forum

    I am not on facebook, twitter or any other form of social media but I am often looking on this forum. Thank you for all the hard work you do running it and to all the members who spend time answering questions and giving good advice to shooters like myself. I like the site as it is and would be willing to make a donation to keep the site running. Stuart
  3. 10M Match Pistol Wanted

    I think Hammerli are part of the Walther company and their lower end target pistols marketed as Hammerli and their better range of 10 mt pistols as Walther. I have no personal experience of the AP20 and though I shoot at with a number of other competitive shooters have never seen one one the firing line. Most competitive shooters I know shoot a PCP Steyr or Morini. I have a Steyr and am happy with it but I think the Morini is just as good. these two makes dominate in the sport of 10 mt pistol shooting at every level up to world championships and Olympic finals. If you buy a secondhand Steyr or Morini at the right price then want to change you will get your money back. My Steyr was new but 2017 prices have gone up in the 30 months I have had it and I can sell it now for what I paid. Recently a Morini was sold at my club for £500, it was in used but good working condition, a lot of good pistols are sold on within the club circuit and if you join a club they will often loan you a pistol and pass the word around that you are in the market to buy. I have bought 3 pistols this way over the years. If you buy this way you get the chance to try the pistol to see if you like it You could also google, gunstar, I bought my FWB100 off gunstar but no chance to try it beforehand! Do not be afraid to make offers on a pistol you want to buy, though there are few pistols about, the number of buyer is also small. 10 MT pistol is an addictive shooting sport and is both competitive and very friendly, I wish you all the best and may all your shots be 10s
  4. 10M Match Pistol Wanted

    I do not have a pistol for sale but my advice is to look for a recent PCP pistol. for the cost of a FWB 100/103 you will be able to buy a good PCP and for a little more a second hand, as new, top of the range pistol. I have a Steyr, two years old and it has shot 1,000s of pellets without any problems. I also have a FWB 100 but in a recent competition the cocking mechanism broke and four weeks later I am still waiting for the UK importer to get the part from Germany. A Pardini K58 ssp that I also shoot needed new seals and the local air gun repair guru made them as they were no longer available so what was a seal swap by me became the extra cost of a gunsmiths. skills. I also have a Walther ssp and so far I have had no problems with it but many air pistol shooter say spares for Walther ssp pistols are as rare as hens teeth. To conclude, I am a firm fan of ssp pistols and regularly shoot them but if you are only buying one pistol and want to shoot competitions buy a current PCP.
  5. Free Pistol Wanted

    I would like to buy a second hand Morini, Pardini or SAM UK spec free pistol. I have the slot on my FAC and am ready to buy. Am willing to travel a reasonable distance and I live near Oxford. Please contact me if yo wish to sell your pistol. Regards Stuart
  6. Free Pistol

    PM sent in reply to your personal message to me
  7. Free Pistol

    I would like to buy a second hand Morini, Pardini or SAM UK spec free pistol. I have the slot on my FAC and am ready to buy. Please contact me if yo wish to sell your pistol. Regards Stuart
  8. Fultons Shooting Jacket

    Sounds like just the jacket I need as I only shoot prone a few times a year as I prefer pistol shooting. Colchester is too far to collect so please add postage and I will can send a check or do a bank to bank transfer Regards Stuart
  9. Steyr Lp10 And Pardini K22 Long Arm

    Hi Craig How old is the K22, did you buy it new and do you know how many round have been through it? Any other history or details you can give please? I am waitinf for a variation on my FAC for a long arm pistol but Thames Valley Police are some of the slowest in the country so it might be a while before I can do a deal. Stuart