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  1. Norman Clark 6Mmbr Single Shot

    http://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/74686-magic-load Steve, I don't have any pictures of targets, but above is a thread started on the Stalking Directory forum by a bloke I then didn't know who was impressed with the rifle's accuracy. As the thread explains, that was my first shoot at both 'snaps' and 1000 yards, so I was delighted with the results.
  2. Norman Clark 6Mmbr Single Shot

    Price drop. I want this gone ASAP as I have found its replacement. Reasonable offers considered.
  3. Norman Clark 6Mmbr Single Shot

    Price drop
  4. Norman Clark 6Mmbr Single Shot

    Photos as requested
  5. Norman Clark 6Mmbr Single Shot

    I can't seem to upload pics easily, so here's a link to another forum where I could. http://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/79473-Norman-Clark-6mmBR-single-shot-F-class-benchrest-rifle
  6. Norman Clark 6Mmbr Single Shot

    Norman Clark made 6mmBR target / benchrest rifle. Musgrave Mauser single shot action, with Pacnor Supermatch stainless target barrel 26" 1:8" twist, with just under 650 rounds total. Devcon pillar bedded into target stock with adjustable butt pad and Anschutz fore end rail, 20MOA incline match Weaver rail. 2 stage RPA target trigger with adjustable trigger blade. As you'd expect from a rifle of this pedigree it was fantastically expensive when new, and is incredibly accurate all the way out to 1000 yards which is the furthest I've tried. I'm selling as I'm after a multishot. SOLD Also Advertised elsewhere.
  7. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    I'd prefer a shallow fore-end, but just out of interest does the 1910 have a 3P style stock? Regards, Guesty.
  8. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    Yes, please! Thanks, Matt.
  9. Left Handed 3p Rimfire Rifle

    I've decided to switch to left handed shooting so I'm after a rifle around the £500 mark, though will spend more for the right one. Thanks, Matt.