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  1. Anschutz 2007/2013 Stainless + G&e Stock

    Hi Donald here we have a new member at our club ,he is looking for a rifle but his max budget is £2000 do you want me to pass your details on . Thanks Donald
  2. Anschütz 1913 In Grünig & Elmiger Rs Iii Stock

    Can you let me know ,if still for sale
  3. Selling my rifle ,comes with fore sight and new short Plano case tools for stock and cleaning rod ,Rear sights and torque wrench not included £1550 ono
  4. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

  5. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    i will check the number tonight ,but i am pretty sure it was 1996
  6. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    This stock can be used with most common actions with an adapter from Tec-hro
  7. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    The action dates to 1996 not sure as to how many rounds
  8. Grunig & Elmiger Stork - Revolution

  9. Grunig & Elmiger Stork - Revolution

    are you selling any complete rifles
  10. Gehmann Clearview X2

    can you call me on 07791917874 thanks donald
  11. Gehmann Clearview X2

    Ok that sounds like a plan i will message you my contact details ,and we can sort something out
  12. Gehmann Clearview X2

    I remember now ,i was working in Canada when you had them for sale,will you be at Bisley anytime soon
  13. Gehmann Clearview X2

    sorry i missed you ,can you remind me of where abouts you are,
  14. Gehmann Clearview X2

    hi are your sights still for sale ,thanks donald
  15. Centra Spy And Kit For Sale.

    Hi Donald here could you send me a picture of the case to donald.gillies1@ntlworld.com
  16. Various Bits

    hi could i buy your twiddly bit please
  17. Centra Spy And Kit For Sale.

    have you got some pics thanks donald
  18. Centra Spy And Kit For Sale.

    what kind of case is it
  19. For Sale: Rifle Case.

    Andover Hampshire i have family in livingston is that far away ?
  20. For Sale: Rifle Case.

    Interested in your case,where abouts are you
  21. Rifle Case

    Looking for a decent rifle case for target rifle
  22. Anschutz Bits For Sale

    Anschutz super match stock with butt hand stop and legs ,all in good order some marks and little dings that could be refinished if you wanted to also two sets of sights £400 I will split if someone is just interested in one item now for sale on ebay Now sold .
  23. Anschutz Precise Stock For Sale