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  1. Walther Spares...!

    Hi Chris, I have a whole range of spares for anatomic including cheekpiece pins and raiser blocks. Regards Nick
  2. Left Hander Needs His First Gun

    Hi, I have a Walther LH KK300 (aluminium stock) as new complete with sights, buttplate and carry case. 5000 rounds from new, £1800.00. Please message me for photos.
  3. Left Hand 22 Target Rifle

    Hi I have a left handed Walther KK300 (as new) with only 5000 rounds fired from new, complete with sights, buttplate and carry case. Please message me for price and photos.
  4. Left Handed Anschutz.22 1907 Or Similar Wanted

    Let me know if you may be interested in a left hand Walther KK300, complete and only 5000 rds from new.
  5. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    HI, do you still have your 1607 available as I am interested if you would take an offer.
  6. Shooting Glasses

    Hi, If you are still looking for frames I have a pair of Champion Olympic rifle frames complete with lens holder, box etc £220 new, so make me an offer Thanks
  7. Gehmann Clearview X2

    Are these the 20mm clearview or the 30mm and do they come in the black Gehmann boxes?