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  1. 4mm Raiser Block

    The maker's name is Andy Law andielaw@btinternet.com Cheers
  2. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    Rifle no longer available
  3. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

  4. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    Still available
  5. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    Yes, still available. PM me with your best offer. Although I have already reduced the price from £450...
  6. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    Price drop. Rifle now £400
  7. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

  8. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

  9. Anschutz 1607 For Sale

    After the purchase of a new rifle, I have my old Anschutz 1607/Match 54 for sale. Serial numbers on action and bolt match. It was second hand when I purchased it, so unsure about how many rounds it has fired, but I have put 5-6000 through it. Marked "77" on barrel next to proof marks. Shoots very well, I have shot a couple of 100s with it! Comes complete with plastic hard case, a selection of metal and Perspex foresight elements for the 18mm foresight and some buttplate extenders (as shown). It also has an Anschutz handstop, that I purchased 18 months ago. A great first rifle! Sale would be either Face to face or via RFD. Now £400 I am based in Hampshire and can meet at Bisley, if desired (Photos to follow) I also have a Barry Neesom turnover foresight (22mm) for Match 54. 18 months old. £80 no longer available And an early Gemini buttplate (without butt hook) in good condition. £55 no longer available
  10. Jacket And Mat For Sale.

    Hi Johno, which model Kurt Thune jacket is it? Any pictures? Thanks
  11. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    I have a 1607 with "77" stamped on the barrel - not seen an Anschutz with a higher number. I also have a 1913 with "AG" stamped on the barrel, which I take to be 2006.
  12. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    What age is the barrelled action, how many rounds shot, approximately?
  13. Mec Handstop For Sale

    No longer available
  14. Mec Handstop For Sale

    Bought this handstop 6 months ago for £78. Doesn't work for me, but a beautifully made and, I am told, excellent handstop. In pristine condition and complete with original box and accessories £65 inc p&p within UK. http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/MEC-Handstop-67.html