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  1. Feinwerkbau Post Inserts Wanted 3.4Mm And 2.0Mm

    Thank you all. My vernier gauge says approx 16mm on absolute OD. So if anyone has the sizes i am after please let me know an I'll get payment & postage sorted. Sizes are stamped on the large tag on the insert. I'm after 2.4mm and 2.0mm. Getting Rajmond Debevec's email address might lead to another possible source so certainly yes please send. My email address is :- robinpaul@btopenworld.com if that is more convenient for any of the posters.
  2. I have been searching for a 2.4mm and a 2.0mm post inserts (16mm dia I Think) for my Feinwerkbau 300S for quite some time without success. I particularly want the 2.4mm so if any member has or knows where i could obtain these i would be very grateful. I am fully prepared to pay for the items. I take part in a type of vintage league which uses open post sights and open rear notch sights shooting at bell targets at 6M. As above the gun is a Feinwerkbau 300S. I have been searching for the 2.4mm and 2.0mm for a long time and would really appreciate if any site user would have or could point me to where i could find them. I would even consider having them made if i knew somewhere that could do it.
  3. I have an Anschutz 1907 in the very basic stock. Would like to upgrade to a good Super Match Wood Stock. I think aluminum is out of my budget by quite a bit. Also i do a bit of benchrest so probably wood is more appropriate. Hopefully someone out there has what i am looking for.
  4. Apologies, i thought it was the wire frame type that fitted behind the iris, as i was about to order one for my bell target rifle. No harm done but it was generous of you to make the offer. Many thanks
  5. If you are giving it away free then i would be very interested in obtaining it. There may be a possibility to replace the lens for one meeting my own prescription. If you are happy to do that i will pay the postage. I'm in Northern Ireland. If you are happy i will send my address details by PM when i hear from you.
  6. Gehmann Gp-1 Match Air Pistol

    Is this pistol sold or still for sale?
  7. Lh Anschutz

    Could you clarify the rifle type. Is it a heavy barrel 1913 type or 1907 type. I don't know the Shilen barrel so any indication of the rifle weight would be useful. I am looking for a 1913 type with low mileage but unfortunately i am a right hander. However i think stocks may be easier to find than barrel actions, hence my interest.
  8. Gehmann Jacket And Two Pair Of M Gloves

    Have sent PM with some questions but not got any response. Is this rifle still for sale?
  9. Price Estimate For Gun Please

    I have just come back to smallbore after a very long break and have lost all idea of gun values. I am looking at an older match 54 action barrel date 1978 in a supermatch stock. It has been very well looked after and everything seems to be in very good condition for the age. I think it must be a very late 1413 because 1813 i think started manuf in 1979. How much shoud i be expecting to pay for this gun? The gun is not on this forum and if i should not have placed this question here then please delete or move to an appropriate location.