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  1. Anschutz 54 Action with new stainless barrel

    I would add that I will take £1250 if you dont want the Midas+ ammo (I'll use it for training in my other action).
  2. Anschutz 54 Action with new stainless barrel

    Not a problem, pm me if you're interested. If you're considering a new barrel and don't want to take a gamble on how accurate it might be then this is for you! p.s. I've shot 598 at Bisley a year ago with this barrel and ammo so I know it works.
  3. Anschutz 54 Action with new stainless barrel

    Hi Rob It is still available. The barrel is 0.9 Inch (22.86mm) straight until the mounting for the tube where its machined down to 22mm for the Grunig tube. hope this helps, Bryan
  4. I'm guessing that the appeal for this might be limited however I've decided to sell one of my actions to help funds towards a new kitchen! Its an Anschutz 54 action (was an 1813) that I had re barrelled in April 2016 by Robert Nibbs (system gemini) with a True Flite barrel I bought from Ryan at Intershoot. The headspace was set at 41 thou and this was part of a project where I had both my 1813 actions re barreled by Robert. One to 41 thou for Lapua/RWS and one at 39 thou for Eley. The idea being to have identical actions that I could use with all ammo and have one for competitions and one for training. In reality I've stuck with one action as they both have different tunes with my staric tuner and it just ended up too complicated changing everything over, so it hasn't been used since February this year. It has only shot 5800 rounds and is effectively only just broken in. I'm asking £1500 which returns me my costs and is the same as a new barreled action from Edinkillie, however this will come with a Grunig & Elmiger tube (worth £224), an Anschutz trigger shoe (£40) and 1000 rounds of matched Lapua Midas+ (£273). The cost of the barrel was £400, the action was £400 and it was £300 to have it fitted by Robert. I've attached photos of the group testing at Eley, and if you're going by group size, the Lapua did perform slightly better than the Eley as I'd expected due to the headspace of 41. The 40 shot consolidated group for the Lapua was 16.0mm (each ten shot was 12.1, 13.1, 13.8 and 14.2). So it's a good performing barrel. I've also changed both firing pin springs and ejectors this year so it's all fresh. One thing to note is that the leade engagement is very tight and if you close the bolt on a live and dont fire it it wont eject then round (you'll need to get something in there to pry it out gently), this is by design and exactly how Lilja set up their barrels. I'm located in Surrey about 10 minutes from Bisley so if anyone wants to try it I can meet them at the Lord Roberts for a hour, any questions just ask or PM me. Finally if it doesn't sell for the asking price I'll keep as a spare as planned and put the new oven on the credit card instead! thanks Bryan
  5. Anschutz 1913 Barrel

    I've just had the barrel in my 1913 replaced with a stainless steel barrel so that both my actions are identical in length and diameter (so I can swop between sights and extension tube without issues). This is just a barrel, not the action. I can't take the old barrel back as I dont have a spare FAC slot so I thought I'd offer it for sale as there is nothing wrong with it. I'm looking for £150, but you will need to factor in another £300 to have it fitted by my gunsmith, Robert Nibbs (System Gemini). Ideal for anyone with an old barrel and would like to reset their headspace as this is a cheaper option to buying a new barrel blank. I also have an Anschutz Precise tube in black that I will let go with it for another £100.
  6. Gemini Buttplate Rods

    I'm sure if you asked Robert Nibbs directly he'd make you a pair. His email is robert@rifle-maker.com, he might even still have a pair in stock.
  7. Stock For An Anschutz 1907 Action.

    I have an 1813 stock on ebay at the moment that your action will fit into. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anschutz-1813-Rifle-Stock-With-TEC-HRO-cheekpiece-/302088313461?hash=item4655ddda75:g:0z0AAOSwNRdX6nZc If you wanted to buy it direct instead of through ebay I'd take £575 inc postage to avoid ebay and paypal fees. cheers Bryan
  8. Gehmann 570 Iris With Optical Correction

    Now sold, thanks
  9. Owned for a year but hardly used as I needed to correct my astigmatism so changed to shooting frames. One small mark on the back but otherwise perfect. I'll also include adaptor 577 so it can be used without the corrective lens. I paid £200 from the NSRA for both, looking for £140 including postage. full spec here www.nsrashop.co.uk/products/gehmann-570-iris cheers Bryan
  10. One month old System gemini handstop in black and the new smaller profile. Bought to try out and although has loads of adjustment its just too long to fit on my Anschutz Angle 10 properly. Was £110 new so offering it for £80 inc postage. cheers Bryan
  11. Gehmann 1.5X Magnifying Diopter 503-09

    I still have this if anyone is interested, £45 inc postage, as new. cheers Bryan
  12. Gehmann 1.5X Magnifying Diopter 503-09

    yes it is sorry for slow reply. Pm me if you're still interested. cheers Bryan
  13. Gehmann 1.5X magnifying diopter - turns your Gehmann iris into a diopter iris; attaches to any modern Gehmann iris with an adaptable thread; -4.5 to +4.5 correction Used once and didn't get on with it. Costs £70 new but will sell for £50 + postage. Cheers Bryan