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  1. 8Mm Riser Block

    Have a look on ebay, there is someone who sells basic riser blocks for a range of sizes at good prices and you need not buy a set of front/rear.
  2. Promoting The Forum

    I think using real names is a good idea, says he hiding behind "crossshot". The smallbore journal requests real names are used which prompted me to want to revert to my real name here...but couldn't see a way to do it! Rgds Steve.
  3. Diana 820 For Sale

    Diana 820 complete with original sights, hook, weights etc. Space in cupboard forces attempted sale. Further details, pics etc available on request.
  4. Upgrading The Forum

    I tend to think charging is not a good idea, not for financial reasons, more....and I count myself in this group unfortunately, apathy/indifference when confronted with what can/is regarded as additional hassle. Ease of registration should be the goal to encourage future users. Will add that I think the forum is very good and I am happy to go with the flow.