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  1. Butt Plate Wanted

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the feedback - it's been most helpful. Think I'm going to hang fire on the butt plate for now - it's a club rifle I'm using so will wait until I can get a rifle of my own (although the wife may have something to say about that :-) ) All the best, Neil
  2. Butt Plate Wanted

    The rifle is a club rifle which I estimate is dated 1989 (from what I recall) - I've attached an image of what I'm using (not the actual rifle but pulled off of Google and is a true likeness). The second image is of what I have "borrowed" from a fellow member. What I need is either one of those or recommendations of what else I can use (and hopefully purchase from someone off of here). Cheers, Neil
  3. Butt Plate Wanted

    Hi There, Currently looking for an older "armadillo" style Anschutz butt plate. Will consider alternatives but they would need to be able to be mounted to the carrier plate from an Anschutz Super Match 54 (circa 1989). Cheers, Neil
  4. Sling Wanted

    Right handed shooter (so sling for the left arm). Cheers, Neil
  5. Shooting Glasses Wanted

    Have now found glasses.
  6. Sling Wanted

    Hi there, I'm after a sling for prone rifle shooting. Anyone out there able to help out? All the best, Neil
  7. Shooting Glasses Wanted

    Hi there, I'm after a pair of shooting glasses for prone rifle shooting (ideally ones that take a 24mm diameter lens). Anyone out there able to help out? All the best, Neil