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  1. Shooting Jacket For 10M Air Rifle

    Hi there, I have a slightly muddy size 54 Gehmann 418 that's going spare http://www.intershoot.co.uk/acatalog/Gehmann-Leather-Jacket-418-370.html It's been used for Field Target and Prone shooting, so it's a bit mucky around the bottom edge and the left elbow pad has signs of wear. The buttons are easily moved about to achieve a good fit. PM me with email address if you'd like a few pics. Cheers Tim
  2. Hi all, If anyone has one of the above looking for a new home please let me know Great many thanks Tim
  3. 0.75X Eagle Eye 22Mm

    Hi all, I'm looking for one of the above to help counter my appalling eyesight. If any one has one of the going spare please let me know. Many thanks Tim
  4. 0.75X Eagle Eye 22Mm

    PM sent
  5. 5.6 Or 5.7Mm Highend For 22Mm Foresight

    Hi, cheers - v. useful to know. Yes, i currently use a 0.3x Eagle Eye with a 4.8mm High End. I would like to try an 0.75x Eagle Eye and corresponding HighEnd: My prescription lens (-6.75) makes things appear a lot smaller than they would if wearing contact lenses. The 0.3x pretty much normalises this, and has helped my scores improve, now i am wondering if a higher magnification may be even more beneficial....... all good fun
  6. Eagle Eye 0.3X 22Mm

    Hi all, Would anyone have one of the above going spare? Cheers Timmy
  7. Eagle Eye 0.3X 22Mm

    Top stuff. Thank you T
  8. Hi All, Would any of you good folk happen to be looking to sell either of the above?? Many thanks for looking Tim
  9. 22Mm Foresight Elements - Wanted

    Hi All, Does anyone have spare 22mm foresight element(s) in the range 4.7 to 5.2mm they would like to sell me? Many thanks Tim
  10. 22Mm Foresight Elements - Wanted

    Hi Chris, Yes, i've taken the plunge and ordered up a 4.9 High End for use with bloop tube, hopefully this will be about right. I have a 3.9 for use without the tube and this seems to be ok for me. I think more importantly i need to get some shooting specs sorted. With my normal specs my eye flicks focus way too easily to the diagram. It's ok for a detail or two but i really start to struggle after 20 odd shots. Once I get the specs sorted i should have a better idea as to whether to splash the cash on a Centra Iris. One very appealing feature of the iris is that it has a 2mm ring thickness to help lock the eye's focus on. The max 1.4mm ring thickness of the High Ends seems a touch thin for me.......... this is not a cheap past-time haha!
  11. Hi All, A long shot i know...... our Oxfordshire target club is looking for a true, left handed prone rifle that wont bust the club's funds. Match 54, BSA International etc.... anything considered!! Any info, clues, pointers most welcome. Thank you, Timmy
  12. Left Handed Prone Rifle For Club - Wanted

    Super! PM inbound T
  13. I have for sale a set of Centra-Block-Club adjustable sight risers for FWB rifles. They cover the range 10-22mm in 4mm increments as per: http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/centra-block-club-p-196.html?cPath=44_21 Complete with all the bits and bobs. £40 including 'Royal Mail Signed For' postage or, £45 including 'Royal Mail Special Delivery' postage Payment by bank transfer/cheque/cash on collection Thanks for looking Tim
  14. Fwb Sight Risers - Centra Block Club

    Sold pending
  15. Hi All, I'm hoping you may be able to help me out. My FEO assures me my FAC will be through the post any day now and I'm itching to get myself kitted out with my own rifle so I can move on from the Club's BSA mk5 (great rifle; doesn't fit me very well). So please, If you've seen a RH Supermatch Rifle for sale on your club's notice board do drop me a PM please. My budget is flexible- I'd be happy with an 1413 (with the later, adjustable cheek piece) or 1613 leaving me with funds for fancy bits and good ammo. However, I'll happily consider spending more on 1813, 1913, FWB2602 or KK200...... Basically, provided it's known to shoot well at 50m, is fully adjustable, and is priced between 350 and 800ish I'd love to hear about it. Great many thanks, Tim PS based in North Oxfordshire, willing to travel upto 2.5hrs
  16. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    C'mon Tim g, put us out of our misery, what have you invested into. Jonty Jonty, now i've handed over the dosh i'm very pleased to say aaronb sold me a very nice 1613. Thanks Aaron, it's mega! Tim
  17. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Rifle found! Thank you everyone for your help, advice and pointers Happy shooting tim g
  18. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Haha, thank you 10 Dots. I won't mention your beloved 1811 Cheers for the pointer, i'll send Arthur an email T
  19. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Cheers for the pointers Tim. I'll happily extend the search to include xx11 rifles too. If only I could find a way to edit the thread's topic line! T To change your header, In your ad, click on 'edit' then 'full editor' and then you can change the header. As for the ammo, Edge is about £112 per 1,000 (With a bit of discount for 1k) so thats £56 per 500, then £5.60 for a box of 50. Sounds good to me for a nights shooting. Ensure on your Firearm cert application you have authority to possess max 1500 and to purchase max 1,000. At the least. I know FEO try to get you to have less, but as an avid shooter who is attending many shoots, that is a reasonable amount to have. You shouldnt have to spend all your time travelling to buy ammo from your nearest gun dealer who has the type of ammo you require, especially if the dealer is some distance away and difficult to get to. I hope my comments may help. Jonty Super - Edited now, thank you Yes, my FEO agreed to 1250 rounds without fuss and my club usually bulk buys Edge after a few members have batch tested at Eley. They work on the principle that if a batch works well through 2 or 3 Match 54s it's 'likely' to work well through other Match 54s also.... not perfect, but it seems to work ok Comments are always welome T
  20. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Cheers for the pointers Tim. I'll happily extend the search to include xx11 rifles too. If only I could find a way to edit the thread's topic line! T
  21. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Hi Jonty, I'm shooting prone. At my club we enter 25y, 50m and 100y postal comps. I have dreams and aspirations of one day attending shoulder to shoulder comps. I'm still cutting my teeth at this game and have been happily shooting Eley Club and RWS Club at 25y achieving scores in the region 90-95. I scored my first 97 this week. Whoops and cheers were had aplenty. Most of the guys at my club use Eley Edge quite happily and this is what I'd like to move onto. It's not mega expensive but represents a significant cost increase from RWS Club at 3 squid / 50. I'm 6'1" and skinny. A significant proportion of my height comes from my giraffe like neck and I have sloping shoulders. I tried shooting 10m air rifle for a while and had great difficulty getting the sights upto eye level, even with high sight risers. I had to painfully bend my back and eventually got fed up with the discomfort. Prone seems to suit my physiology much more. Hope that explains a few things :-) Tim
  22. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Thanks Chaps, All good points and duly noted. My main reason for homing in on the XX13 is because i'm hoping it will fit my non-average body shape more easily. That said, if an XX11 were to come along at a fair price it'll get full consideration. Tim
  23. Supermatch Or Xx11 Prone Rifle Found

    Whilst I agree that it is on the high side, I think prices have gone up (inexplicably) of late, so its not too far off. Yes prices seem exceptionally variable. 1813s in particular - i've seen listings from 550-850!? I'm think i'm starting to err toward an older/cheaper rifle so that i can afford some good ammo for the when the 50m season starts up. T