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  1. Fwb 2700 For Sale

    VByr i have pm'd you .. francesca
  2. Fwb 2700 For Sale

    no its not the fluted barrel. will try and get up some pics ..but unsure how to do it. will try though
  3. Shooting Frame/glasses Wanted

    If you want to Pm me with what type you are after? Im an optician so may be able to help as supply a few shooters with shooting frames ..leneses etc
  4. Fwb 2700 For Sale

    oooops ok.....am asking for £1600 ono
  5. Fwb 2700 For Sale

    Ok will try and get some photos uploaded later. The sights/ handstop/ butplate are the standard FWB that came with the rifle. I do not have the palm rest that came with the rifle unless i can loctate from the 'safe' place i have put it in Price wise i am still looking into how much they are selling for as 2nd hand. If anyone can advise me that would be uselfull! Cheers Frankie
  6. Fwb 2700 For Sale

    as title says.... 2700 blue FWB for sale...leightweight barrell....3 years old (just)..never sold a rifle before so if you want to ask me anything pm me
  7. Feinwerkbau 2700

    i have a RH blue FWB 2700 for sale at the moment
  8. Sauer Boots

  9. Hard Rifle Carry Case

    where can i get a simple black plastic rifle carry case? or has anyone got one that is surplus to requirements? francesca
  10. Sauer Shooting Boots

    Say £90.00 (even got original box!!)
  11. Sauer Shooting Boots

    Size 5 sauer shooting boots. Only worn 4 times.