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  1. Centra M22 Foresight Bubble

    Unfortunately my M18 bubble grew in the post so it is now available in M22. Mental note do not rely on memory. £30 posted.
  2. Centra M22 Foresight Bubble

    reduced £25 posted
  3. Centra M18 Bubble Sold

    £30 posted
  4. Centra M18 Bubble Sold

  5. Centra M18 Bubble Sold

    Message sent Peter
  6. Air Arms S200 Target

    I have decided to part company with the S200. It was bought for my girls after they showed an interest in taking up shooting. It's in really good condition. Has a couple of really small dents in the stock. Otherwise clean and shiny. Comes with hard case, spacers, fill adapter and most of a tin of Diablo pellets. Looking for around £300
  7. Air Arms S200 Target

    Ok. Managed some pics.
  8. Selling all my equipment. Knobloch K1 glasses £100 SOLD Tec-Hro canting rearsight. 20 clicks £200 Centra mirror £30 Promax pillar lock case. foam worn but case in good nick. Ask if you want a pick of the foam. £15 Sauer jersey small, used but good condition £20 Ways of the rifle £25 SOLD 20-60 scope with stand and twidddly thing £100 SOLD Centra 3.0 rearsight iris £65 SOLD 22mm Duo vario foresight £100 SOLD Gemini activ butplate. The hook has been shortened and i removed a small corner of the lower lug as it dug into me. £230. SOLD Anschutz torque wrench £50 SOLD Anschutz 8mm sight raiser set for 1407-1813 £35 SOLD
  9. Centra Mirror

    Centra mirror in excellent condition. A great way to check your eye alignment to the rearsight. £35 new. After £20 posted.
  10. Tec-Hro Canting Rear Sight

    Tec-Hro canting rear sight for sale as I have stopped shooting. Used for just over a season. Excellent condition. A great 20 click sight. £280 new. Looking for £200 posted.
  11. Tec-Hro Canting Rear Sight

  12. Centra Mirror

    Pm sent
  13. Tec-Hro Canting Rear Sight

    Robin I have replied Aaron.
  14. Mec Handstop

    Mec handstop. Great condition £53 posted. SOLD
  15. I used the scope once at Bisley for 100. I found it good. Especially having come off an old Opticron. Used a lot on a 50m range that faces the sun and it copes well with that.
  16. Hi sorry both together. Unless anyone is chasing a scope only. Aaron
  17. It's made by centra but was marketed as cen tec. It was a big improvement over my old opticron. I have used it up to 100 yds. Optics are good. The stand was apparently made by Bedford target supplies although they no longer make them. The twiddly bit is great for adjusting the height when in position.
  18. Torque Wrench

    Hi I have the anschutz one available now.
  19. Anschutz 2013 In Precise Stock

    Well the time has come to bite the bullet so to speak and offer up my precise. Stainless truflite barrel with less than 16k rounds through it. Nesom tube. Anschutz trigger shoe Gemini activ butplate. A shortend carbon cheek piece plus the original. The original has 2 small nicks in it where I marked it to cut down then changed my mind. I have also fitted a carbon issf compliant top lug to the butplate so I didn't have to cut the original (included) Walther case and an assortment of cleaning kit. All I good condition. Stock shows signs of use but everything works as it should. Shoots way better than me. Looking for £2k I will also have available a Tec-Hro canting rear sight with centra 3.0 iris, 22mm duo vario foresight and mec handstop. These will be offered to the buyer first. I'm not going to sell them until the rifle is taken so I can still shoot if needed. Cheers Aaron
  20. Anschutz 2013 In Precise Stock

    Grip size is M Huey. Your search continues.
  21. Scatt Professional

    Hi I have a scatt profesional serial port version for sale. It comes with 5m & 10m targets, serial port to usb adaptor, all the cables you need all in a carry case. it has been a great help improving my shooting but as i am now leaving the sport it is time to have a new home. Message for pics or more info. £350
  22. Scatt Professional