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  1. New Forum Lay Out

    Ooooo, shiny shiny!
  2. Varga Shooting Frames For Sale

    Just dumb luck Saw them, price is good, and I've been keeping an eye out for a cheap pair of frames for air pistol for a while now 'cos adjusting my rifle frames all the time is a pain.
  3. Varga Shooting Frames For Sale

    Yes please to both!
  4. New Site Logo

    (and nice job emma, sweet logo)
  5. New Site Logo

    No, no, he's saying that Neil supports the current push to change the air pistols in Modern Pentathlon over to the laser pistols they're experimenting with at the moment.
  6. Site Speed

    Spoken like a man who's never had a few hundred pounds of bacon charge him in a sty
  7. Soviet Tractor Pistol

    Indeed, but the last time I held it by the barrel, the foresight post took a slice out of my palm. And then the pistol fell apart again, just for emphasis. I don't hold it by the barrel anymore
  8. Soviet Tractor Pistol

    There is something so utterly pleasurable about doing that with an Izzy allright There you are with your cheap-ass hunk of farm equipment which falls apart every twenty shots, and you kick the bottom of someone with two grand's worth of super-fancy teutonic precompressed loveliness. Best feeling ever.
  9. Peli Cases

    D'Oh... I was looking at about €130 including shipping Neil (€80 for the case, €50 for the shipping).
  10. Peli Cases

    Interesting Neil, but shipping's usually the thing that kills you with Pelis. I'm looking to get a 1500 or 1550 in a few weeks (would be now but herself's birthday took priority for a change!) but my plan was to buy on ebay and ship from the US in the hope that the euro-dollar conversion would take the sting out of the shipping. Could your chap beat those kind of prices?
  11. Junior / Ladies Air Rifle

    What happened to baby?
  12. Upgrading The Forum

    *phew* Think I've gotten them all now...
  13. Upgrading The Forum

    'Tis not too bad at all now. Miss the quick reply feature though. And no doubt we've other bugs in here somewhere too. But seems like a good improvement to me. Even the backend is better. (And no, your bum does not look big in that theme)
  14. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    I don't know Emma, I'm just asking!
  15. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    I wonder if the question of heat dissipation comes into that, or if there's sufficient mass in the lighter barrel to make it negligible?
  16. Admin Away

    The power! The Power!
  17. Ahg Sight Track

    Tried eBay? I just got a MEC Contact II buttplate there for far less than the normal asking price. Seems their anti-firearms rules don't apply to component parts like buttplates...
  18. Bug To Report

    I don't want to see 'em! Ugly bunch of gits
  19. Scope Stand

    Well, Neil's near to Edinburgh, so maybe titanium would be lighter?
  20. Junior Air Rifle

    Or you could do what Wilkinstown did and take an angle grinder to an adult stock, slice a few inches off the butt of the stock and then re-drill and tap for the buttplate. If nothing else, the looks on faces as you slice into the stock are worth it
  21. 10000 Posts

    10,000 posts? Good grief, don't any of you 'orrible lot of skivvers ever train?
  22. Upgrading The Forum

    Must say, I do like that idea of a competition to raise funds.... I mean, promoting target shooting's a goal of the board, so there's a certain aesthetic beauty to using a method to keep the board going which also fulfils a goal of the board... edit: Oh, and my vote's for VB3, it's got a raft of handy features. See the shooting forum on boards.ie for an example.
  23. Admin Away

    Namedropper Good luck there Neil!
  24. Site Downtime

    Well, since you were off getting some new silverware, we'll forgive you just this once