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  1. Target pistol

    What’s your budget les? are you looking for a compressed air, co2 or something old that you cock. Right or left handed?
  2. SOLD. Steyr EVO 10. SOLD.

    ***SOLD*** Steyr EVO 10 for sale. Full size in Black with black cylinders. UK supplied and engraved Steyr UK cased with two black cylinders, fill adaptor, tools, pellet tin holder plus owners handbook.
  3. Feinwerkbau hand grip large wanted

    Sorry but there are lots of different Feinwerkbau grips made. Rifle or pistol if pistol What model?
  4. SOLD. Feinwerkbau P44 .SOLD.

    Sorry. Sold about two years ago. As well as a P8X that followed it.
  5. Morini 162210 Air Release Tool

    Have you tried it? It doesn't work. ;0)
  6. Morini 162210 Air Release Tool

    As you are aware. You can get one from Iqbal. If you don't get a reply. Just email Morini direct. They have always been very helpful.
  7. Steyr Lp10 Match Target Air Pistol. ***reduced***

    pistol now sold. Also have a full size silver cylinder for sale. Steyr UK supplied. £80.
  8. Selling a couple of my .177 target air pistols starting with.. Steyr LP10 in silver. Full size. Just over one year old and has had very little use. Fully boxed Steyr UK supplied. Inc. spare cylinder, tools, pellet tin holder, fill adaptor, test group and Steyr owners booklet. Condition is as close to new as it gets. Grip is a unmodded Steyr Right hand factory medium grip. Can substitute for a Steyr left hand grip if preferred. £975. Happy to post at buyers expense and risk. Or you can collect. Live in Shropshire. Shoot at Aldersley in Wolverhampton. Photo may follow. It's on Gunstar at the moment. Also happy to email pictures.
  9. ***sold. Morini 162Ei Seal Kit. Sold***

    Now Sold. Morini 162ei seal kit New and unused. Cost £35.
  10. Left Handed Rink Grips For Sale.

    For sale. Left handed Rink grips in Large to fit the following Match Air Pistols. Feinwerkbau P8X. SAM. Price £110 each posted to the USA or U.K. Payment by PayPal accepted or bank transfer Happy to email photo's. All in very good condition. Purchased by myself over the last few weeks or years. Have purchased approx 12 Rink grips over the last four years.
  11. Pistol Sold. Selling my Left Handed Feinwerkbau P8X. Complete with case, tool box, handbook with test target, fill adaptor, tools and cylinder thread protector. P8X large factory Left Handed grip £120. P8X large Rink grip. £120.
  12. Morini 162Ei Left Hand Board For Sale.

    Latest type Morini 162ei board for sale. Approx 1 year old. These are around £300 to buy from the UK importer. £180 inc signed for post.
  13. For sale. Champion 42 mm lens holder from the Olympic glasses. £16 posted. Champion 42 mm clip on yellow filter. (Cracked) £20 posted. Note. These yellow filters are £50 new. Lens can easily be replaced if req. Pair £34 posted. Reduced to just £29 posted.
  14. ***SOLD*** Dated 2015/08 so only about 14 months old. UK supplied.
  15. ***sold.*** Steyr Lp10.

    Selling my Steyr LP10 in silver. On hold for Saturday viewing. ***Now Sold***