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    25yd .22 prone indoor, Anschutz 54 Match with std Anschutz 6805 iron sights (club rifle).
  1. I'll be applying for my FAC in a couple of weeks, so thought I'd put out some feelers regarding purchasing my first prone rifle for 25yd ten bull work. Ideally I'd be looking for something of the Supermatch ilk and I guess with my c£800 budget this'll be a wooden stock - though ideally with the max amount of adjustment and a butt hook if poss. As it's my first one I'd like sights and a handstop included. I guess an 1813 fits the bill but am open to suggestions... Oh, and a patient seller while my FAC gets sorted.
  2. No Longer Available.

    How does the Eagle eye work for you? I'm thinking of moving to shooting without glasses, would this help me?