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  1. antiglare tube

    Hi all Looking for an antiglare tube, rear sight, Anschutz fit, thank you in advance. Dave S
  2. SCATT for sale (USB type)

    Hi Neversweat Is this the WM9 or WS1 set up, is it for pistol, rifle or both, sorry for the questions, for our club and been asked. Dave S
  3. Foresight Wanted

    Hi All Sorted, no longer required. Dave S
  4. Foresight Wanted

    Hi All Anyone have a foresight going spare for 1913 / 2013 dovetail barrel, not to fussed if canting or not, many thanks in advance. Dave S
  5. Clear Out

    Hi Huey Sorry, I can only find a code on the cleaning label, and I am not sure if that is what you are looking for, (code is BESATZ )? No other label with information on it.
  6. Clear Out (More Photos)

    More Photos
  7. Clear Out

    Hi all A few items not getting used now up for sale. Kustermann Shooting jacket (I am of medium size) £65.00 Mouche Shooting trousers £35.00 Kurt Thune Shooting trousers £35.00 Shooting boot stretchers £25.00 Anschutz Rising block (used twice) £75.00 Anschutz 2013 500 tube £35.00 Shooting glasses frames £50.00 All plus postage if required, located central belt Scotland Will post more photos shortly Dave S
  8. Anschutz Fit Rear Sight Wanted

    Hi all Sorted, thanks to all who PM'd me and posted, now not required. Dave S
  9. Anschutz Fit Rear Sight Wanted

    Hi all Anyone have a spare rear sight for indoor 25 yard, nothing fancy, doesn't have to be canting or Anschtuz, many thanks in advance. Dave S
  10. Anschutz 2013/690 In 2313 Stock

    Thanks Jamie Very smooth transaction.
  11. Anschutz 2013/690 In 2313 Stock

    Hi Jamie You have PM Dave S