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  1. Pistol Trigger Weight

    44mag Very much depends on age of the item and condition. The most important thing is that it is current to the regs. Have you got one you might consider letting go? If so give me a price as well as some details. Thanks Andy
  2. Pistol Trigger Weight

    Anyone selling a 500g trigger weight for a reasonable price? Thanks
  3. Cardiff Hotel

    Yeah, thank you. I saw that. They have a long time to re-arrange an alternative location but I guess it's either not possible to relocate to the North wales venue for example or somewhere else. Thanks for the help on this Andy.
  4. Cardiff Hotel

    Mate, Honestly you need to drive around an hour in all directions to find something and when you find something its pricey.
  5. Cardiff Hotel

    No response from airbnb guy:(
  6. Cardiff Hotel

    Hemmers: I am staying in Sophia gardens the 15th & 16th. It will be the car or my last resort offer I think. I will continue to look. I found an airbnb guy about 10 mins walk from the venue so far no response from him. We shall see what happens but ideally someone on here will be cancelling and I can see about switching their booking to my name if that is at all possible. Andy
  7. Cardiff Hotel

    Yeah the egg chasers have screwed us all up. How dare they have a match on the same day as the Welsh open. I want to limit the driving as I will be driving from glasgow so no more than 30 minutes driving to and from if I can help it. I do have an offer from a friend to share on that night but it has to be a last resort. The airbnb thing turned up some results so I will investigate them.
  8. Cardiff Hotel

    Thanks I will have a look.
  9. Cardiff Hotel

    Guys, Are any of you going or thinking of no longer going to Cardiff for the Welsh open? I have managed accommodation for the 15/16th October and for some strange reason and I cannot think why the 17th is booked out literally everywhere. Anyway as the egg chasers have monopolised the entire bed space of South wales. I am looking for someone who is considering not going and I could maybe take their booking? Last ditch attempt before just biting the bullet and buying a sleeping bag for the car. Thanks Andy.
  10. Rink Or Steyr Grip For Lp10

  11. Rink Or Steyr Grip For Lp10

    Hi, I currently have an XL Steyr grip on my '08 LP10. I have trimmed around the top so that I can at least use it. I'm hitting lower mid 40s on a 5 shot card I feel I will benefit from a correct size grip. Going by a measuring guide online I would need a small Rink grip. I tried an early medium CM LP10 grip bit it was a little small my fingers over travelled round the front of the grip. Taking the measurements from formgriffe: 87mm across knuckles which suggests small - medium Convex (however not sure how to know which is best) 0 degrees Normal volume For Steyr: Medium I have been offered £75 for my current grip so if I can get a grip, preferably unshaved for similar money I could be happy to buy. Thanks Andy
  12. Steyr Lp10

    Got one, Thanks Andy
  13. Steyr Lp10

    To the top
  14. Steyr Lp10

    Hi, Im looking to buy a Steyr LP10 target pistol prefferably with a medium-small grip. If you have one your loooking to sell im in Glasgow. I am willing to travel maybe as far as Carlisle. I would like it if i could shoot it before i buy. It would be preferable but not essential if the pistol had the following. 1. Is in good condition no dings scratches are acceptable so long as they are not deep. 2. Has been serviced 3. Has a cylinder under 5 years old I ask this as they are expensive to buy and for comp they need to be under 10 4. Have box and tools paperwork etc It must: 1. Not have been modified with exception of grips or cylinders, but no messing with power output etc. 2. Have been imported by Harry Preston Age isnt a concern provided it has been looked after. If you have one to sell please contact me even if its not meeting the above if the price is right then i can forget the cylinders age. The only ones that are important are the importer and modifications. You can contact me on my e-mail address on: acrybb@aol.com Please put the subject as TARGET PISTOL in upper case so that it stands out lol. I may also consider: Steyr LP2 FWB P44 Morini 162 Thanks Andy