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  1. Lens Holder

    Anshutsz / Gehmann lens holder ...will accept just lens holder not frame (to attach to sights)
  2. Kriko

    Does anyone have/or can point me in the right direction for a 10 shot .22rf Kriko magazine. I have tried endless websites and the makers in Germany who will sell me one at £80???? but only by money transfer.Thanks
  3. Kriko

    Its a 300 series imported 1985 to UK
  4. Kriko

    Thanks guys...will keep lookin
  5. Wanted Anshutsz Rear Sight

    Model 7002 or 7020 must be reasonable price
  6. Kriko

    I am looking for a Kriko .22 10 shot mag any out there? or can anyone point me in the right direction.