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  1. Gehmannn 595 Lockable Rearsight

    This is a Gehmann 595 lockable rearsight in silver, spotlessly clean short base if interested the price is £150 SOLD
  2. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    Just a bit of info on these if I may....You will find that one end is 22mm the other is 18mm...in case you want an anti glare tube to fit. The other thing is that when I turn mine around you have to loosen the bubble as it is to tight to push through and turn, therefor you would have to adjust bubble again. after turning. Whether mine is just a one off I don't know, it would be interesting to find out.....Having said all that, when turning from 50 to 100 I am around half inch from centre. and vice versa.....so it works.
  3. For sale centra 10 filter and iris set with polariser £70 can send pics if interested files are to big to download on this add SOLD
  4. Anti Glare Tube

    Anti glare tube to fit in a 22ml hi end.....
  5. Centra Iris + Filter Set

    For Sale Centra 10 Filter + Iris set with diopter few scratches but perfect working order £80 posted in UK SOLD
  6. Shooting Mat

    I have a shooting mat for sale its the one sold by NSRA green waterproof etc..not new but in excellent condition. Will be in Bisley from 14-21st and will have it with me for anyone to take a look at price is £39 (its on ebay as well to pick up)
  7. Shooting Mat

  8. Sights And Bits

    For Sale...."vintage " Anshutsz rear sight £50 CENTRA PRO 57 Rear sight...£90 CENTRA 10 Filter and iris + dioptre £80 3 Rubber eye pieces £10 Pics will not download for some reason...but all in good working order
  9. Sights And Bits

    vintage sight sold
  10. Sights And Bits

  11. Hi End

    Wanted a 22ml hi end 3.8 or 3.9 with a 1mm OR 1.1 mm ring thickness
  12. Iris Sight For An Anschutz 1413

    I have a centra 10 filter iris and dioptre for sale at £85 on ebay or I will be at bisley 14-21 st
  13. Foresight And Rearsight - Sorted!

    I have an oldish Anshutsz rearsight on EBAY for sale at £45 and I might have an 18mm forsight somewhere
  14. Look at Julia Hall post she has a nice one for sale
  15. 1811 Trigger Guard And Bedding Bolts

    I think there is one on ebay at the moment
  16. Twiddly Thing

    Anybody have one of these to fit a Tucker stand for sale Thanks
  17. Twiddly Thing

    Cheers gentlemen
  18. Cardiff Hotel

    It may be a silly question but have you tried motorway services ie travel lodge , premier inn etc
  19. Wsra

    Can anyone tell me why the WSRA is not included in the "governing bodies" part of this site. It may be a silly question, but I would like to know...Thanks
  20. Opticron Scope

    I have an Opticron IS 60 SCOPE for sale with 15 x 45 zoom eyepiece with waterproof case ..good up to 100 yrds Any serious reasonable offers will be considered...thanks guys and galls will email pics if needed
  21. Opticron Scope

  22. Sold - Anschutz 1913 Alu, Cased With Accessories & Test Group

    got to pay for the wedding somehow Dave lol
  23. Opticron Scope

    looking at around £150 with waterproof case
  24. Fyi Spotting Scopes

    As the rest of the guys say....just about get by at 25 yrd......after that, forget it