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  1. Rifle Case

    Sorry nicklock; Peli case now sold.
  2. Rifle Case

    I have at home a spare rifle case. It is in good condition, but with the minor scratches and cosmetic issues that you can expect after a bit of use and a few trips abroad. It is an unbranded case (or at least I can't see on it what the brand is!) It has solid sides and is very tough, has a top and bottom layer of "eggshell" foam, and could fit up to two rifles in at once, side by side. The dimensions are as follows: Exterior: Length: 132cm/52" Width: 33cm/13" Depth:12cm/5" The price of this case is £40. If you are interested the case, want to see any photos (the photos are too big to upload), or have any questions, please feel free to PM me or comment on this.
  3. Sight Raiser Blocks For Anschutz Match 54 Barrel.

    Haha no worries Squishy! Ok thanks Tim S, by the sounds of that, don't think these will be for me thanks anyway Jimrward.
  4. Sight Raiser Blocks For Anschutz Match 54 Barrel.

    OK these sound good. Just to confirm, these will definitely fit on a Match 54? I presume they are in pretty good condition? Out of interest, you wouldn't happen to have any other sizes? Thanks
  5. Sight Raiser Blocks For Anschutz Match 54 Barrel.

    Sound like a good height, but do they have to be offset, or can you set them so that they are central? Also, what sort of price were you thinking? Thanks
  6. Need some sight raisers for my Match 54 barrel. Any sizes welcome, would like to possibly get a few different sizes so that I can fiddle around and get a nice height for me. Many thanks