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  1. Keppler 6Mm Br Action

    Sorry, I forgot, also how long is the barrel? (from receiver shoulder to muzzle) C/pete
  2. Keppler 6Mm Br Action

    Is the trigger present, and how long is the stock from trigger to the surface where the butt-plate is fixed, please? C/pete
  3. For Sale: Gehmann Optical Combination Iris 575

    Now sold. Cismpete.
  4. For Sale: Gehmann Optical Combination Iris 575

    OK, £120 posted................they're £210 new, and this one is as good as................. Cismpete
  5. As new condition. £150 posted Please PM in first instance. Cismpete
  6. Blaser R93 308 Lrs Cism Rifle

    Now sold.
  7. Aeron Brno B96 Match Co2 Pistol

    Price now reduced to £300
  8. Blaser R93 308 Lrs Cism Rifle

    Price now reduced to £1700 01 Jan 2015. Cismpete
  9. Blaser R93 308 Lrs Cism Rifle

    This is the original LRS with a powder coated aluminium chassis and ABS skins. It was assembled from a NOS chassis, new bolt unit and a new heavy fluted match barrel when I bought it in March 2012. Receipts can be seen. It comes with two ten-round magazines, a slightly modified Versapod clone bipod, (not the Harris in the photo), saddle scope mount with 30mm rings, barrel key, trigger adjustment instructions,and a drag bag. In addition, but not shown in the photo, rear aperture sight bracket, and barrel extension for front sight. (but no sights. I've been using a Centra 10-50 rear and an Andrew Tucker front sight, and these are now used for smallbore.) Round count is approx 1200. A description can be seen here http://www.cybersniper.com/blsuite.htm £2100 (or sensible offer) Rifle is located in Southampton or can be seen at Bisley by arrangement. PM in first instance Cismpete
  10. Aeron Brno B96 Match Co2 Pistol

    Very light use <500 pellets fired. In mintish condition with all the original bits and pieces, instructions etc, plus 3 extra magazines, pellets, and a large bag of CO2 bottles. Face to face sale only, pistol is located in Southampton, or can be seen at Bisley by arrangement. £350 Please PM in first instance. Cismpete
  11. Anschutz Match 54 Stock Wanted

    I'm not sure which number it is, but I'm looking for the real walnut version, with sloping forend, without the adjustable cheekpiece, that was supplied with early 70's match 54's. Please PM if you can help. Cismpete
  12. Shooting Glasses - Sold

    Hi, You have PM C/pete
  13. Bsa International Mk5 .22 Rifle

    Now sold C/pete
  14. Bsa International Mk5 .22 Rifle

    Hi, The rifle is in Hampshire.............. C/pete
  15. Bsa International Mk5 .22 Rifle

    For sale, a BSA mk5 with original sights and very nice walnut stock. The barrel has been de-blued and polished. When I got it, the bluing was very poor at the point where the gun had been lifted by a sweaty hand around the barrel............... Comes with some spares, extractor, etc. and hand rest. I've shot this rifle to 100yds, and it's extremely accurate. £120 or sensible offer? Usual caveats, FAC required, transfer must be face to face. PM in first instance, C/pete