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  1. Scatt Mx02 As New

    Yes, it was not a decision I took lightly but I just wasn't putting it to use. Also as 60yr old class "C" shooter I decided I wasn't going to get the benefits from it that the investment warrants.
  2. Scatt Mx02 As New

    PM Received and replied to Rachel now has first refusal.
  3. Duplex Vario

    Does anyone have a duplex vario they no longer use and in excellent condition? If so, how much would you be asking for it? all the best Bob
  4. Does anyone have either the centra or centra stranger mirror they no longer use? If so, how much would you be asking for it? all the best Bob
  5. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    For sale 22mm Barry Nesom turn-over foresight with bubble. In excellent condition. Has a No.1 stamped on it. This one fits the Anschutz 1813/match 54 older action. £70 plus postage. I won't go lower than £70 as this is a good saving on new with absolutely NO wear or loss of functionality.
  6. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    SOLD Thanks Andy All the best Bob
  7. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    Hi Andy, yes, it does take 22mm inserts buddy. Below are photos of the item in question. Top view Right side Left Side Bottom view End view
  8. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    PM replied to, photos to be emailed tomorrow All the best Bob
  9. Barry Nesom Turn-Over Foresight

    Yes, mine has the mounting block, not the grooves machined into the barrel.
  10. I do happen to have such a beastie. What is your friend wiling to pay for one in as new condition With very little use?
  11. Thanks Sarah/Tim, very helpful. My Anschutz is of course, of the older version so I'll give it a miss, but thanks again. All the best Bob
  12. Hi Sarah, which era of Anschutz do these front sights fit? I have an old (1984) match 64 round action. Regards Bob