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  1. Centra Duplex For Sale

    Bob, Its still for sale at the moment, but I was going to put it on EBay next week. PM me if you are interested in it
  2. Centra Duplex For Sale

    I am selling my Centra Duplex with 3 Inserts. 3.8 4.2 and 4.6 Looking for around £110 ono
  3. I am selling my Gehmann Adjustable Lens and I am looking for £50 ono Click on image to view details
  4. Gun Guard Case

  5. Gun Guard Case

    For Sale Gun Guard Case £25, I will be at the Bisley Week if anyone is interested
  6. Scatt Mx02 As New

    You have too much time on your hands Mark Lol, mind you the way I have been shooting the last 12 months I need to go over the Club and use the one there.
  7. Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    I also managed to break mine, but replaced it with a 3.5mm Allen bolt which I had at home. A bit cheaper than Michelle's option, but I am cheapskate.
  8. Anschutz 1913 Dry Firing Assembly

    Firing Pin now Sold
  9. Due to the purchase of a new barrel and action my Anschutz Dry Firing Pin is no longer required. £35 including postage
  10. Vintage Tube Sight.

    It Looks like an Andrew Tucker foresight.
  11. Wanted 22Mm High Ends

    P.M Sent
  12. Wanted 22Mm High Ends

    Thanks Rob I have looked at the sizes and they are too big, but thanks for checking. Gary
  13. Wanted 22Mm High Ends

    Thank you
  14. Wanted 22Mm High Ends

    Yes, I have seen it but I have already tried a 3.9 belonging to a friend of mine, and I have a 4.5. But thanks anyway.