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  1. Its got cheaper, come on I can't be the only lefthanded shooter on the planet. Simon
  2. Bump, with a new price and a free glove, life does not get much better.
  3. Clear Out Of Bits (price Dropped)

    Price lowered
  4. Couple Of Books (price Dropped

    Price lowered.
  5. A couple of target shooting books Ways of the Rifle .22 Three position & Air rifle by Gaby Buhlmann, Heinz Reinkemeier, Maik Eckhardt, Bill Murray. Published my MEC ISBN 3-00-009478-4 £20.00 posted Prone to Win “The Art and science of smallbore target rifle shooting” by Chris Fordham Published by Brookwood ISBN 0-9539091-0-7 £15.00 posted Both in good condition. Would accept £30.00 the pair. Please note these are advertised on another forum, Simon.
  6. I'm haveing a bit of a spring tidy up and clear out at the moment, so here are a few bits that i have for sale. Gehmann 461 glove (Right Hand glove) worn once size Large http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/detail.php?id=109&headline=Zoom ://http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/det...;headline=Zoom ://http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/det...;headline=Zoom ://http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/det...;headline=Zoom ://http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/det...;headline=Zoom ://http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/det...;headline=Zoom ://http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/det...;headline=Zoom £30.00 posted. ahg-Anschutz Bolt Handle Knob Blue, good condition http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/ahgan...tml?cPath=11_22 £6.00 posted. SOLD Centra Folding Bipod, good condition http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/centr...tml?cPath=11_22 £30.00 posted SOLD SUBJECT TO PAYMENT Centra Eagle Eye +0.3 good condition http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/centr...tml?cPath=44_47 £20.00 posted.SOLD Gehmann 581 radially adjustable spirit level http://www.gehmann.com/pages-en/productcat...levels&id=8 £25.00 posted.SOLD Gehmann Rearsight Iris, Filters & Single Polariser (Same as current 563 but all black body) http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/gehma...tml?cPath=44_45 £85.00 posted.SOLD Anschutz Foresight Tunnel http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/ansch...tml?cPath=44_48 £30.00 posted.SOLD Gehmann 520 Ring-thickening Foresight Iris 522 http://www.edinkillie.co.uk/ecatalog/gehma...tml?cPath=44_19 £60.00 posted. All items are in Very Good conditon and if they have witnessed 1000 rounds being fired I would be suprised. Offers welcome. Simon
  7. Rear sight is now sold. Willing to take (sensible) offers on the other bits. Simon
  8. Gehmann 418 Leather shooting jacket (LEFT HAND) Gehmann size 62 which works out at 50”-52” chest worm only a couple of times (couple of marks on the leather from where its been in my kit bag) with Gehmann 432 sling and MEC (I think) button spoon. Looking for £180 ono (including insured delivery)
  9. New and unused Anschutz / Gehmann Left handed sights Gehmann 566 rear iris. Gehmann 581 sprit level. Gehmann 536 Adjustable front iris. .03 eagle eye. Anschutz 6832 front sight. Anschutz 7020 rear sight. This lot would cost you just shy of £600 in the shops, I’m looking for £460 ono (including insured delivery) May consider swap or P/X on air pistol (Left handed) If I don’t get any interest in this as a job lot I may consider splitting.