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  1. Chicago Screws

    Just bought a pack of 5 (longer than you need) to bind a book/manual for a couple of quid from 'fleabay' - you won't need a giant bag!
  2. 10M Match Pistol Wanted

    Hopefully i am not too late but just be aware that if you intend shooting competitions to ISSF Rules, your air cylinder will need to be "in date". By that the manufacturers give them a life span of 10 years - if its over you MAY be excluded, not permitted to start or disqualified. A new cylinder CAN cost as much as £60 to £100
  3. For Sale - Various Items

    Consider the MEC glasses set sold. Will email you!
  4. Free Pistol Wanted

    PM sent
  5. Ladies Jacket

    Try Stelljes (Germany) they are selling Gehmann jackets at 85.00EUR http://www.schuetzenwelt.de/Schiessbekleidung/Schiessjacken/Gehmann-Schiessjacke-Point-Damen-rechts.html Carriage is 25.00 EUR making a NEW jacket 110.00 EUR With the current favourable exchange rate a new jacket will be in the region of £80 to £85 - probably close to a second hand price!
  6. Wanted - L Grip Morini Cm84E (Rh)

    Anyone got a RH Grip L size to fit the CM84e please? Would be interested in any make .... Morini/Rink etc etc Thanks .....
  7. Morini Cm84E Long-Arm Pistol

    Is this still available? I may be in a position to free up some funds for it & I already have the 'slot' on my FAC Thanks, Phil