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  1. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    hi, i am an ex-army cadet. i asume that things are similar for all services, that is that your area command should have some funding to either give you or the cadets, so that they can bring equipment to you. or you could do what my old range did which was to apply to "awards for all". which is lottery money. the most you can bid for is £5000. but you need to enphasise that disabled people and people from every social background will be able to and encouraged to use the equipment. they are sort of the buzz words to use. if you do do it and fill out a list of stuff you want, round up the prices, so £190 becomes £200. then you will get enough to spend if prices go up, or you have to mail order them. Minichop
  2. Wanted: Air Pistols Light Weight

    i don't know its what you are looking, but i am selling a smith and wesson 6 inch. it has a six shot magazine, it also comes with pellets and i think there are about 10 CO2 bulbs, not entirely sure how many. its hardly been used as i decided to concentrate on my rifle. at the most its had 500 rounds through it. i live in derby, but i am coming down to bisley next month for a training weekend. PM me if you are interested. thanks alex
  3. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    hi, i want a kneeling/standing rifle rest as its a pain to load my rifle without one. ive seen them used for .22 and .177. im interested in second hand or new. if anyone can point me in the right direction??
  4. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    hi, i know i said in the last post i wasnt interested, well i went shooting today and my adapted camera stand fell to pieces so i am still interested and i am coming to cheshunt next weekend. cheers. minichop
  5. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    hi, sorry had a problem with my computer. i raided my gran's house when she died a few months ago. i managed to find a camera stand. i don't know y i took it. anyway, with a bit of work done to it, it will do. so emma can have the stand if she still wants it. Mini Chop
  6. Any Old Unused Shooting Equipment

    hi, i am on the comittee for an air rifle club. we have applied for funding. have u tried?? i know there is "awards for all" which is lottery and some local council stuff. if u shoot full-bore rifles or could accomidate pistols, ask your local constabulary or Territal Army and Cadet Forces in your area if they want to use the range. obviously you would have to charge them. Cadet Forces may even use it for .22 or air rifle. what county do u live in, i may know some people in command in your area. MINI CHOP!!
  7. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    cheers, i dont exactly have a budget, but at the moment i definetly cant afford a new one, so that would help!! find out how much she is selling it for and i will have a think. cheers!!!!!