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  1. Lp10 Grip

    Wanted,Right hand XL/L grip for Steyr Lp10.
  2. System Gemini Cantilevers

    Ok thanks for letting me know.
  3. System Gemini Cantilevers

    If not sold I will take any you have or all 5,does £50 sound ok steve
  4. Fyi Spotting Scopes

    I have a Meopta IPhone holder that allows me to fasten the iPhone to the scope.Works a treat at 10m.
  5. Fyi Spotting Scopes

    Yes they work at 10m,we have them at our range.
  6. Kit Clearout

    I'll have the Miller jacket please.
  7. Shooting Kit For Sale – Left And Right Handed

    Saur headband and blinder please,pm me your preferred payment method. Steve
  8. Everything Must Go!

    Has James disappeared?
  9. Everything Must Go!

    I will buy both or one of the Gemini at 55% of Edinkellie's price,please pm me payment details
  10. Anschutz 8002

    Dave Welham,Airmasters http://www.airmastersaccessories.co.uk/aboutus.asp
  11. Sauer Shooting Cardigan_ Sold.

    I'll give it a go for £40 posted,it's a close offer:-)
  12. For Sale: System Gemini Folding Bipod

    Ok thanks for letting me know anyway.
  13. For Sale: System Gemini Folding Bipod

    Yes please I'll have it,send me payment details.
  14. System Gemini, Folding Bipod

    I'll have it please,send me payment details. Steve
  15. System Gemini Folding Bipod

    Yes please,pm me some payment details. Steve
  16. Air Pistol Equipment For Sale

    I'll have the shoes please.
  17. Kurt Thune Jacket

    Hi Jim,if not already sold I will take this please.
  18. Shooting Cap

    Yes please,send me payment details Steve
  19. Trousers And Glove For Sale

    Lovely bit of kit,had a play last night,sadly your going to cost me more money,as I NEED the raisers that are on the pro touch on my xt now.
  20. Trousers And Glove For Sale

    I had thought you must be an odd shape Tony,LOL,thanks for the blinder. Atb Steve
  21. Steyr Lp1

    Hi,I'm looking for a Steyr LP1(Co2)or something similar.If you have or know of one for sale please let me know. Thanks Steve
  22. Steyr Lp1

    Hi Don thanks but not for me then,I already have an Lp10,it's a Co2 I'm looking for to compete in a Co2 league.thanks anyway.
  23. Steyr Lp10 Grip

    Anyone have a spare grip lying around?Anything considered,modded or not. Thanks Steve
  24. Steyr Lp10 Grip

    Hi Sarah,I would be interested in your grip,please pm me with a price you have in mind. Thanks Steve
  25. Lp10 Cylinder

    Long shot I know but has anyone got a spare Steyr Lp10 cylinder knocking about?I would like one with a gauge on the end.