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  1. Andrew Tucker Stands (X8)

    SOLD Thank you all for looking and the interest.
  2. Andrew Tucker Stands (X8)

    Hello, I'm already dealing with another member interested in the whole lot who has sent me an offer via PM. I'll primarily deal with that member as of now, 'first come first served', as I'd rather not have people shouting numbers one over another. If this deal doesn't go through I will update it here. EDIT 23:51: Pending payment
  3. Andrew Tucker Stands (X8)

    After a number of years we've upgraded the rather outdated stands. They are all well used and only about 4 of them are actually still decent. The rest have well worn out friction elements/knobs and it is a pain getting them into position. I'd guess some skilled hands could give these a second life. Up for grabs here for offers for a week and then they'll go on ebay for 99p bidding.
  4. Bump. Offers accepted. as of 6/10/13: UNDER OFFER SOLD
  5. Hello everyone, As part of fundraising/freeing our FAC our club is considering selling the only two Walthers we have. To be honest, despite being club rifles they were hardly used and look like it as well. The reason for so little use is being mainly Anschutz trained people and Walthers never really gained too much popularity. I should be able to add photos later on but the information I have at the minute. The KKM GX-1 comes with all the bits, sights and handstop. From my vague memory I believe there is a standard accessory rail mounted on it and the original Walther one is long gone. The bad bit is that the accessory rail doesn't cover the entire length of the stock it should, an easy fix. I have to say this rifle is pretty amazing, nice stock and after having done some reading on it couple years back it'd be sad to let it go. The other Walther is a club rifle, comes with Walther handstop and Anschutz sights which are pain to work with as the knobs interfere with the bolt release push button, essentially you'll need a Walther set of sights or not to be too fussed. Selling the anschutz sights off it should fetch a few pounds as well. Now, essentially, the rifles should fetch a reasonable price as yet again our funding has been sustaining substantial cuts, but since time plays a role it should be dealt with reasonably quickly. We were hoping for about £350 for the club rifle and £550 for the GX-1 or £800 for both. Please get in touch with offers. The rifles are located in Edinburgh, pick up only or RFD shipping. Possible delivery within Scotland when we go to competitions. Please PM me for more information.
  6. Kowa Angled Spotting Scope

    Hi, I think it's either TS1 or TS2 I never know, one is angled and the other isn't. We still have one of these, they are amazing for their age. You can identify these old scopes by the signs on the plastic ring holding the front lens. I might be completely off, but I believe I've seen one recently going for between 50-75 pounds. It might be worth trying to do some google magic tricks looking e-bay items that already sold.
  7. Rifle Club, Items For Sale

    Hi, The site has now been updated. As selling shooting gear is not our domain, don't hesitate to point out if the prices don't correlate with the state of the items, current market prices (where available) or just simple logic. Where more details or photos would be required, please ask for it, I'll try to do my best. J.
  8. Rifle Club, Items For Sale

    BigAl: Shipping is not a problem as such, but I believe that seller has to ensure that the item reaches a person who is qualified to posses such firearm. I am not sure whether Special Delivery can be requested in such way that the postman checks the person who the item is addressed to is over 18. Nevermind now, just technicalities that can be sorted later, yet thanks for the input. Kevin: Well, our qualification to BUCS is all down to the results. So if we'll be coming, we'll take it with us.
  9. Rifle Club, Items For Sale

    Hi Kevin, The air pistol is not working and the shape of it can be seen from the photos, so the price would not be very steep. As we're finalising the lists and prices now, we don't really know how much would anyone be willing to pay for it. A few weeks ago I've bumped into a post somewhere where a similar gun in a bit worse shape went for 30 quid. The price can definitely be negotiated, so don't worry to suggest a price as it's in everyone's interest to keep the pistol going rather than having it scrapped. Although, bear in mind, it still needs to be shipped through an RFD or personal sale with ID/proof of age if I'm not mistaken. Kind regards, Jonas
  10. Rifle Club, Items For Sale

    Steve, PM sent
  11. Rifle Club, Items For Sale

    Hello everyone, As our club (Edinburgh Uni) is slowly becoming a museum, we will be launching a plan to use surplus items for fund raising and this will also serve as general clear out. The list is subject to change as some items can be withdrawn from the sale and some more items will join the list later on as some more decisions will need to be passed through the committee. This is a preliminary list with no price tags yet. Prices can be discussed individually and price tags will hopefully become available later as the list will become complete. Items not sold in reasonable time frame here will go to other servers and the last stop will be e(vil)bay. Please contact me through pm or preferably e-mail me president(at)eurc(.)co(.)uk ... Sale site is here: http://www.eurc.co.uk/sale/ Jonas
  12. Anschutz Rifles And Fwb Handstop

    PMed DRowell, yesterday I think, asking about their age.. if baldee doesn't proceed with purchase, our club could have some interest in these ...