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  1. Steyr Lp2 For Sale

    Pistol received safely over the weekend, and it was as described.
  2. Hammerli Master Co2 Pistol

    Hammerli Master CO2 Pistol for sale in original case, however catches are missing £240 (uses standard size CO2 cannisters)
  3. Steyr Lp2 Compact

    Does anybody have one for sale preferably with an XXS, XS or S RH grip?
  4. Anschutz 1907/1913 Rifle

    I am looking for an Anschutz .22 Rifle with aluminium stock.
  5. Morini Cm84E

    I have now found one suitable for my needs.
  6. Pardini Free Pistol

    I have now been fortunate in finding a Morini CM84E, so no longer looking.
  7. Pardini Free Pistol

    Rob Thanks, I am considering all options at this stage. Looks like it will probably come down to availability of one type or the other at the right price, as they are becoming very over priced for the new models.
  8. Pardini Free Pistol

    I am looking for a Free Pistol and this was suggested as a good option, does anyone have one for sale with a medium RH grip? Would consider manual or electronic trigger.
  9. Rink Grip For Morini Cm84 Free Pistol

    Did this get sold?
  10. Walther Pistol Lp300Xt For Sale

    Did this get sold?
  11. Steyr Lp2/lp10 Pistols

    Have sent message & await reply, however do not believe the price is within their budgets.
  12. Morini Cm84E

    Does anyone have one of these for sale, preferably with a medium RH grip?
  13. Steyr Lp2/lp10 Pistols

    A couple of people at the club are looking to buy their own, rather than use the club pistols. Please let me know if you have one for sale.
  14. Steyr Lp5 Grips

    Do you have the right hand small still for sale, and will it fit the LP50 without any alterations? Phil