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  1. Selling this on behalf of Roy at the club (posts on here as roythefish), to make use of my *ahem* higher profile in shooting along with my ability to get pictures onto the PC and "sort it out" For sale - "A N Other" aluminium buttplate assembly, pictures here. Possibly made by Barry Nesom. Has all the basic range of adjustments, but it's no Aktiv and the curve shape is fixed 12mm rods - was used on a Walther KK2/300 aluminium stock but might be adjustable to fit the Anschutz 2213, as there appears to be the option to increase the rod separation to ~60mm? 5 removable weights on the hook (4 with grubscrews in place). Seems to be in reasonable, although used, condition - currently in the possession of Roy, but he's only 10 minutes down the road so I can pick it up at any point. Happy to get more measurements and field questions if required. £50 including postage.
  2. Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    Fitting sights - you're doing it wrong.
  3. Screw For Anschutz Cantable Rear Sight 7002

    Wears out? Mine's over a decade old and still working! What are you doing to them?
  4. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    Chap at our club has packed up, after his macular degeneration finally got the better of his interest in shooting So, he'd like to sell the offset sight blocks he tried for right hand/left eye action: IIRC, sourced from Barry Nesom... would suit a dovetail with a max width of 11mm, and the rear block appears to be slightly rounded to mimic the Anschutz actions that we know and love. Laterally adjustable on the front and rear block, and can probably be used for either RH/LE or LH/RE by flipping them round Currently in my possession, £65 including postage.
  5. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    Offset plates provisionally sold to Cumbrian, pending the usual.
  6. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    OK, I've tested them against an 1813, date code "IA" (1980?) and the rear plate fits perfectly. The front plate would probably have fit perfectly too, if we could have gotten the current sight off(!); I tested the feel of the dovetail against the one mounted on the front of the barrel and it was snug enough to imagine that tightening the bolts would finish the job http://imgur.com/a/vjLQQ ^ link to a couple of pictures of tonight's efforts. Are they in good nick? Looks like they've been machined from a piece of stock 10mm aluminium plate, so there's a few surface scrapes on the underneath where it's not been polished - but the dovetails and bolt heads are clean.
  7. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    Right then, I'll get them down to my other club tonight and try them on some of the club rifles in the safe
  8. [Sold] Offset Sight Plates

    Sorry for the delay, I was out and about for most of the weekend and didn't spot your reply! They've had use for about 8 months, once a week - I could probably give them a wipe down to get some of the marks off, but most of what you can see in the photos is tooling from manufacture (IMO). They're aluminium, but not anodised. I can send you the high-res versions of the above photos if you like (drop me a PM), or take some more? Our guy in the club had an older Match 54, which probably was an 1800 series but I'm not sure. A quick Google seems to say that the 1800s had an 11mm dovetail, so that might well work; I can test them on my 1913 tonight if that's any help?
  9. Spotting Scope

    I use one of those Greenkat/Opticron angled eyepiece scopes, with a 22x eyepiece in it. It's almost 20 years old now, and as I haven't abused it it's still clear at 100 yards to the point where I can call "just out" in most light conditions... They're still comparably cheap, so for £600 I would expect you to be able to get something like this.
  10. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    And a pleasure to meet you too! I didn't fall over anything else for the weekend I'll try and get a photo of the width of the M grip to go with the ones you've posted. Tomorrow though, it's 23:57 and I've only just got sat down after unpacking the car!
  11. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    As it turns out, mine has "L" stamped inside the hollow so I'd be up for swapping. Don't suppose you're at Bisley this week?
  12. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    TBH, I don't even know what size is on mine Is the size stamped on it somewhere?
  13. Champion Olympic Shooting Glasses Nose Piece.

    Cheers for that... as I feared, that's not the version I've got! Mine has the nose piece as a separate plastic item, with no metal in it, and a little screw hole where it attaches onto the fixed nose bridge. Yours is a more advanced version where the nose bridge can be (re?)moved.
  14. Champion Olympic Shooting Glasses Nose Piece.

    Any chance of a picture? I've got an old set of these where the nose piece could do with replacing, but it would probably be best to at least visually check that it's the right one!
  15. Mec Screws

    Take the existing one(s) out, wander off to your local bolt and nut supplier, hand it/them across the counter and declare "I would like to replace this, my good man!". Teeth sucking will no doubt ensue, but you should be able to negotiate the location of somewhere that can sell them if the first place is unwilling. http://www.ba-bolts.co.uk/ might be a good start; they're in Cheltenham.
  16. Eley Tenex Ultimate Eps 2050 Rounds For Sale

    No price, so apparently free?
  17. Plano Gun Guard Rifle Case For Sale

    Hi Chris, Assuming that tufty isn't already in line (see above), I'll have it I'll drop you a PM and we can sort out details. Nick.
  18. The parcel arrived this morning, all present and correct Cheers!
  19. I'll have the two foresight tunnel sets - I'll send you a PM with my details.
  20. [Change Of Plan]Handstops

    Under the influence of other people's advice, I've decided that switching to the Gemini handstop would be best. Thanks to everyone who looked in - special thanks to those who got in touch
  21. [Change Of Plan]Handstops

    Or from my point of view - a far too large capstan with not enough lateral adjustment to even match the current offset I use (cheers for the input though, I should have left the stuff about having tiny hands in the first post!)
  22. Wanted .22Lr Left Handed Target Rifle

    And yet there are quite a lot of them still out there after all these years... such as mine which is now over a decade old. If one's shooting technique *requires* a Mithril Stock Of +2 To Physical Resistance, then I'd suggest that time spent in the coaching forum would be of benefit... Now, if we were to say something like "the 2213 stocks aren't as well made as the Precise, and will break if you mistreat them. Factor this into the price that you're thinking of paying for one" then we'd be in agreement.
  23. If the quest fails, Barry might have a few Barry Nesom Spring Keep Keld Head Pickering North Yorkshire YO18 8LL Tel 01751 473124 email - bnesom@hotmail.co.uk
  24. 6Br

    Ouch! The buttplate and grip for a Gemini are eye-wateringly expensive
  25. 6Br

    Curses... This looks quite interesting but my cert i) doesn't have a slot for a 6mm, and ii) is currently in for a different variation. Like buses - you wait for years and then two turn up at once!