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  1. Anschutz Super Match 54

    FOR SALE ANSCHUTZ SUPER MATCH 54 Model 1413 stock with thumbhole, adjustable butt hook (amended from original for ease of transport and storage) plus rising cheek piece. Andrew Tucker fore sight tunnel plus 5 elements. Original rear sight. See pictures. For other pictures see : Price : SOLD
  2. Anschutz Super Match 54

    Thanks to all.....but does anyone want to Buy?? Open to offers....
  3. Anschutz Super Match 54

    One it is
  4. Anschutz Super Match 54

    Strike that last post....I note now that the adjustable cheekpiece is not part of the original parts list...
  5. Anschutz Super Match 54

    Hmmm....not sure of the relevance of this series of comments in a For Sale posting. However, if you take a look at an Anshutz 1413 spare parts list : Part no. 32 1413--50, then you'll note that the stock and barrel/action is consistent.
  6. Anschutz Super Match 54

    Thanks for the extra info.
  7. Gehmann 418 Mans Shooting Jacket : Full leather - no canvas inserts. Right hand : Gehmann size 54 (UK 43/44). Excellent condition but elbows show 4 years solid service, worn but not worn through. Price £120 +p&p at what ever level you decide. SOLD
  8. SOLD Due to lack of time available to shoot fullbore anymore I'm parting company with my PH 1200TX 7.62mm NATO rifle. It's a very nice example with some of the better woods that I've seen, Original PH5E rear sight with 6 position variable diopter aperture. More accurate than I am...it's done well at 300yds thru' 1000yds. Smooth action, handstop, foresight plus 3.8 element Location : Nottingham Price £250
  9. Foresight Perspex Elements - 25Mm

    I believe the foresight I have recent acquired is by Andrew Tucker and has a diameter of 25mm. I'm interested in buying Perspex or other foresight elements of this size. Any out there?? Regards
  10. Foresight Perspex Elements - 25Mm

    Thanks Ping....it's amazing what you can't find on Google ;-)
  11. Foresight Perspex Elements - 25Mm

    Hi That's just great. I've measured up using a pair of pretty good metric/imperial calipers : the diameter of the existing element is 25mm or 1 inch. the aperture is 3mm or 1/8 inch with a bevel from front to back, the rear aperture measures at 5mm or 3/16th inch. It's v.poorly marked with what looks like 33...so perhaps it's 3.3 just can't make out anything obvious, it's clearly been done by hand. I'm not too sure exactly what aperture size I'm looking for...I'm trying to get a feel for the benefits of a smaller or larger aperture in the fornt sight. So if you can find anything a bit bigger and a bit smaller that would go someway to helping....and I'd be most grateful.