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  1. Weaver T36X40 Bench Rest Telescopic Sight (Aluminium Finish)

    You could edit the title to include "Sold". I'm not sure you can delete sales threads, for obvious reasons. Whilst it may also be useful for other forum users wanting to buy/sell a similar item, as it gives an indication of value/price. ATB
  2. Foresight Perspex Elements - 25Mm

    Your welcome. Neil is a top chap and will doubtless be able to make up smaller sizes if that is what you decide to go for. ATB
  3. Foresight Perspex Elements - 25Mm

    Neil Price (UK Neil) makes sets of these, here's a link to a site selling his elements. Last in the list m.Andrew Tucker 25.4mm. He can also make anything you want as a custom job. HTH