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  1. 10M Match Air Rifle

    wanted 10m match air rifle.pcp.anybody selling? thanks
  2. Feinwerkbau 700 Universal

    hi where are you? id like to take a look at the rifle. cheers
  3. 10M Air Pistol Targets?

    Wheres the best place to buy 10m air pistol targets? Bulk!! cheers
  4. 10M Air Pistol Targets?

    thanks for the replies. ruttys lead worked out well.
  5. Wanted Rh Pistol Grip Fwb P700

    wanted rh pistol grip for p700. cheers
  6. Feinwerkbau P700 Alu For Sale

    any chance of a few more pics of the rifle? cheers
  7. 10M Match Air Rifle

  8. For Sale Fwb 700 Air Rifle Blue Alu

    ill take the gun.please pm with details. thanks.
  9. Anschutz Rifles And Fwb Handstop

    are they .177?
  10. Steyr Lp5 Grips

    Yes, the small grip is still available. I don't have a manual LP50 to check - the places I've looked on the net all seem to suggest that the LP5 and LP50 grips are interchangable, but I can't be 100% sure. Him do you have a R/H medium grip? will it fit an lp2? thanks
  11. .177 Rifle Wanted

    wanted .177 pcp rifle wanted. prefer steyr.must be in good condition. thanks
  12. Steyr Grip Wanted

    wanted rh med/large grip for lp2 pistol.thanks