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  1. Hi folks, I looking for a stock for my 1813 supermatch that has the adjustable cheeckpiece,buttplate and hook.If you have upgraded to something else,why not contact me ? Regards Jim
  2. Anschutz Adjustable Stock For 1813 Supermatch

    Hi Rob, Looks like just what I am after.I have an 1813 with a 1913 trigger - may need adjusting ? Let me know how much the postage is and how much you want for it. I am new to smallbore - 1st season . Regards Jim
  3. Anschutz Adjustable Stock For 1813 Supermatch

    Hi Rob, That would be great if you could. Regards Jim
  4. 1813 Buttplate And Hook

    Hi Folks, I am looking for an older 1813 anschutz adjustable buttplate and hook. If anyone has a "just in case" one lying in a cupboard , and have upgraded why not get in touch. Regards Jim
  5. 1813 Buttplate And Hook

    Hi S, I have since found out that the armadillo type is not suitable for my wooden 54 stock. I have an old 1813 supermatch , and the stock is solid with no internal metal parts. I believe the one I am now after is the one with the large hook that slides up and down on a curve,with a round wheel. Can you send me a picture please other than that a replacement stock may be the answer. Regards Jim
  6. 1813 Buttplate And Hook

    Hi S, the one I'm after is the adjustable up/down and cantable too.I think this is the armadillo type hook. I am new to smallbore , so just really getting started. If I cannot get the one I am after I will get back in touch if that's ok with you. What kind of price do you have in mind. Regards Jim PS I think the one I am after is the 4760.
  7. Buttplates For Sale

    Hi Jamie, Can you send me photo of the buttplates plates please - you don't have a butthook ? Thanks Jim
  8. Anschutz 6805 Rearsight X2 Reduced

    Hi There, Do you have a Anschutz 6805 Rearsight left and if you do can you send me a photo. Cheers