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  1. Hi, Following on from the last advert for my other barrel and action, I am now looking to shift my number two setup. This is an Anschutz 1913 Supermatch action (round action) with an Anschutz factory fitted stainless steel barrel. Anschutz only did these for a short while and my barrel carries the seperate serial number of 00087. Great barrel and action, purchased in 2001 and used for about 18months, then due to work put away for a number of years, got it out again in 2008 to trial for 2010 Commonwealth Games, ended up getting a new second setup so I had two to go to games with, hence the one sold in the other advert. As previously stated, due to injury I am retiring from the sport, so everything has to go. This barrel has had about 20,000 rounds through it, it will be good for another 30,000 rounds yet. However, due to age of action and extra rounds through the barrel I am looking for offers in the region of £650.00 If anyone is interested, please PM me for photo's. Thanks Viper
  2. Hi, Working on clearing out a load of kit now I am retiring. I have the following for sale. 2 sets of Anschutz Canting Rear Sights, these are the 20 click models, one has standard black knobs, one has blue ones. New price is £329 per sight, will accept £220 £200ovno per sight **SOLD** 1 Centra Iris Aperture 1.8 Twin (Silver) - Consists of a rearsight iris which can be adjusted in the range 0.8 – 1.8mm and two banks of five colour filters consisting of light grey, mid grey, dark grey, C41 blue, C41 UV, yellow, green, orange, brown and C41 peach. New price is £117, will accept £80 £70 ovno **SOLD** 1 Centra Anti Glare Tube (black) - For your foresight tube - M22, New price £19 will accept £10. £8 9 x M18 Centra Hi-end foresight glass elements in Corn Box, sizes 3.5/1.3, 3.5/1.4, 3.6/1.3, 3.6/1.4, 3.7/1.3, 3.7/1.4, 2 x 3.8/1.3 and 4.0/1.4, you can no longer get the metal corn box, they wooden one which takes 10 elements is £38, the metal one in this sale takes up to 20 elements. Elements are currently £14 each, box and elements £90 £80 ovno. **SOLD** Pictures can be supplied, but all items in an fantastic condition. PM me for images. Keep an eye out, more items to come. ********Have reduced the above prices.************* Postage included in costs. Viper
  3. Centra Foresight High End Inserts M22

    Hi, I have a number sitting around at home, let me have a look this evening and I will get back to you. Viper
  4. Hi, I am looking to sell a nearly new (less than 5000 rds) 1913 Supermatch (Round action). Bought as a spare in late 2009 for Commonwealth Games in Delhi. It is a selected Barrel (Sells for £1400 on Intershoot) Have decided to retire from shooting due the hand and elbow injuries. I have a number of good pictures, PM me an e-mail address and I will forward them. Any questions please send me a message. Offers in the range of £1000. Thanks *SOLD*
  5. Steyr Lp10E For Sale. *sold*

    Hi, *SOLD* I am looking to sell my LP10E due to injury and following surgery. I purchased this NEW in November 2010 and it has not been used since June 2011. Following surgery on my hand and elbow I find myself out of shooting for the next year at least. This is the electronic trigger version and has the new 8 port compensator. New price for these is £1,490.00, but I am willing to accept £1,200.00 ovno. If you have any question please contact me. Payment by bank transfer or cheque please. I will pay the shipping costs. Thanks. Viper *SOLD*
  6. Barrel Weight For A Steyr Lp10 Air Pistol

    I have now sourced a weight thanks to Peter, many thanks to all for their help.
  7. Barrel Weight For A Steyr Lp10 Air Pistol

    Hi Peter, Tried to PM you but seems your message box is full, if you can let me have a reply to my work e-mail that I sent you on Friday with a contact number we can talk.
  8. Barrel Weight For A Steyr Lp10 Air Pistol

    I have found one today in the shop send me an email if you are still looking for one
  9. Hi, I am looking for a barrel weight for my LP10 air pistol, I have the small square weights, but I was looking for the heavier one that fits around the air cylinder, steyr no longer seem to make these! If anyone has one lying around they no longer use I am willing to make a fair offer for it. Many Thanks