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  1. Does the forum need to change, what's the driver here?

    Personally, I appreciate this forum as it is. I have met and heard opinions from shooters from all over, I have made much use of the buying and selling areas (some closer to home would say not enough selling!) and I have my interest piqued occasionally, particularly when it comes to aspects of legislation or, as Chris says, ISSF rule changes (even though I don't shoot to those rules).


    To an extent, this forum is quieter due to the calibre of its patrons - what's said is in the main constructive, inciteful and self-policing, a far cry from the many examples you see with a little blue thumbsup; Facebook does not a good forum make. Yes, it's immediate, but the quality of material follows the 80:20 rule from the wrong side. I think a forum allows a more considered response and also an inherent archive - there's many a time I've gone back to a post or two because I know I can.



  2. Hi Neil

    Apologies-didn't read first!

    How do I edit my for sale post?





    Revisit your post when you are logged in. There should be an Edit button at the bottom of your post:



  3. Hi All

    Not very hopeful but we thought we would give it a try, we have in the club an Anchutz 8002 Alu stock 177 Match Air Rifle which was accidently knocked off a table causing the stock to snap near the pistol grip.

    Has anyone come across this problem before? can the stock be repaired? or is there someone out there with a spare stock that would fit this rifle?





    A club member, Andy at www.specialistweldingservice.co.uk, fixed my 2213 smallbore stock for me a few years ago. Mine fell off a bench :/ He put a little more meat on it so it would be stronger than it was originally. I also have an 8002 and can say they are pretty similar in this area.


    I touched it up with Humbrol enamel afterwards and you can hardly tell.

  4. If this woud fit a Match '64 b/a... (60's-80's vintage)


    ...then my club would likely welcome it. We have a LH '64 (RH b/a in LH stock) which doens't get much use so having a stock to improve its circulation would be useful (AKA a better stock in general).


    Would it?

  5. Doesn't matter, there was a question of age, not shoe size:


    the 1813 was replaced in 1987, and production started in 1980.


    Besides Tim already covering what you just said, it's up to the current owner to prove it's accurate; the barrel stamp will give its age.


    I was not inferring one would give the other.