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  1. Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    I was hoping your trade knowledge would come in useful. Thank you, I have experienced this a couple of times and wondered what it was. Folk borrowing my rifle afterward seemed oblivious (cooled down?). Only just got hold of a cocking tool to allow me to open up the bolt (well, to set it again afterward) but happy I don't have to. Still takes the barrel out of the lock of the barn door at 1,000 yards in a stiff breeze though, which is all I really care about
  2. Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Phil, I'll grant the bolt retaining claw does snarl on the breach cleaning rod, but I have complete faith in the bolt handle - and no need to use a mallet
  3. Wanted - Full Bore Target Rifle

    Why so (a precis will do!)? QL owner, just sayin'
  4. For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    Elementary my dear Jonty
  5. For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    Never, I suggest the sizes are 4.0, 3.8 and a rare 3.2mm as in the linked post. My suspicion is that's where Squishy acquired his
  6. For Sale: Centra Vibrake For Anschutz

    Squishy, can you confirm if the Vibrake has a continuous dovetail? I've seen a picture of the extended one (for 'scopes) where it seems to, but not a clear picture of the standard version. Thanks, H. Edit: reduce terminology overloading
  7. Kneeling Raiser For Gemini Stock!

    I've got a mint condition laminate fore-end raiser block from an Annie 2313 stock going spare, if that's what you mean?
  8. Left Hand 22Lr Target Rifle

    What are the chances of that - TWO lefties, EACH with a 1907 in a Precise barely worn in, EACH giving up prone - AT THE SAME TIME?! If I was a lefty I'd be trembling with delight right now watching the price war
  9. Kit Clear Out

    Rightful ownerships restored thanks for watching.
  10. Kit Clear Out

    Ok, panic over we have a cunning plan
  11. Kit Clear Out

    In the interests of expediency due to the fact that I am around at Bisley this Friday and Saturday, and in the event that Jamie doesn't get to his PMs in time, would the intended recipient of the "neostyle" Champion shooting frames please get in touch so we can arrange a swap for the rearsight and mitt that you have likely been sent instead... Ta.
  12. Anschutz 20 Series Action Wanted

    NP Jonty, you did ask In all seriousness, good luck in your search. With the change in hands of the Annie dealership, these might just creep up in price, so be careful out there...
  13. Anschutz 20 Series Action Wanted

    Yea, but I just bought it
  14. Torque Wrench

    PM sent.
  15. Kit Clear Out

    PM sent to confirm
  16. Wanted - .22Lr Stock And/or Rifle Action

    Interesting, but I like your comment about the stock! I speak from bitter experience. I was a cast stock owner, now I'm all for billet. Shiny billet
  17. Wanted - .22Lr Stock And/or Rifle Action

    Not sure it's s/h more shop soiled. (I heard from a prospective buyer that) that particular rifle was dropped from the shelf and has suffered llight marking to the barrel and a snapped bolt at the buttplate end which has been replaced. Given it's the billet stock it *probably*still shoots straight
  18. Well Loved Second Hand Equipment

    Bob, I've PM'd a couple of times, but I'm not sure you've yet seen them... H.
  19. Can I bag your green plastic one please hps, please PM me your bank details and I'll wire the money. No rush, after 7th is fine.
  20. It might be that you weren't signed in at the time. I wasn't signed in just now and it was at the top for me, too. Why there's a distinction made between for sale posts visible to the world and visible only to members is for Neil to muse upon...
  21. Anschutz 2007 In Precise 2018 Stock

    Richard, PM sent. Let me know if you haven't got it
  22. Sight Stuff And Peli Case

    Lost out on the torque wrench by being first (11th October to be precise) and offering more not quite sure what the deal is here also... Maybe it's just me so here's my PM again: [Edit: typo]