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  1. Anschutz Butt Hook Part

    I checked. We have! Also the main fixing bolt and knuckle (first aluminium part) if anyone else is looking
  2. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    Well, thanks to nicklock, I have a L that fits me and he has a M that fits him (nice to meet you at the weekend, sir ). Case closed! For interest, here's some (iffy) shots of the two grips, (cork in the M). Doesn't look like much in it, but the L is also wider (which I haven't a comparison shot of):
  3. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    I could well be now! PM on its way (Folk on this forum are a w e s o m e !!)
  4. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    Good tip, but my pinkie hangs off the bottom
  5. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    Bump. I can't believe no-one's bought a Precise with the wrong grip size... ...just me then Any RH L's out there wanna swap with an M - pretty please?
  6. Anschutz Butt Hook Part

    It's highly probable that my club has all the parts you are after but I will need to check. We hold the rifles offsite so things like butthooks just get in the way for transportation, so we have removed them. I will check their whereabouts whilst you ping me an offer
  7. Anschutz 1407

    PM sent (patiently behind Tim )
  8. Tier-One Evo Ftr Bipod

  9. composite laminate FTFY Sorry to hear that though NB. Good luck with the sale. H.
  10. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    Was not disagreeing with this Tim, just countering the 'highly unlikely' aspect of barrel swapping
  11. For Sale Anschutz 1813 Action In Tec-Hro Stock

    I know of a 1907 action (from this very forum) with an 1807 barrel (barrel dated 1982). Ex-Bill Phelps. I believe the thinking was 18-series barrels were better. Edited for clarity
  12. Starik - Tiny - Duo Vario - Level 1

    Do you talk quietly too?
  13. Thanks, although it was a selfless question; I have 4 Duo Varios already, great bits of kit
  14. Are you including the [white plastic] tool to allow the crosshairs to be selectable?
  15. Sight Raiser Blocks

    Whilst prepping club Annies for a 200 yard comp last night, the rearsight bottomed out on a Match 54 when using a borrowed 8mm raiser, so maybe it's to do with that (we didn't manage to check check if the sight would take just being raised within its own travel as an alternative)? Slight thread hijack though - looking for a couple of Anschutz 8mm sight raisers for the club if anyone has a full bits box...please PM.
  16. Swap: My Precise Medium Grip For Your L

    Bump. Still hoping...
  17. Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Been in the queue since November my friend. On and off
  18. Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Anyone know how to get hold of Jamie outside of Stirton (pretty please could you point him here), thanks.
  19. Rifle Sight Extention

    Sidney, do you have any photos of this extension? Is it a tube or more a 'hammershark' style?
  20. Bits And Bobs

    Black buttons please - have PM'd email addy.
  21. Handstops + Other Bits.

    Apologies Al, I didn't send one! It was an invite to PM me, not that one was sent Can you ping me a picture of the back of the strap just to make sure it will do the job? I'll wire the money then "as normal" Cheers, H.
  22. Handstops + Other Bits.

    "Jacket arm sling hook and mounting buckle with screws £10" In which case our club might find this useful to turn a rarely used LH jacket into an ambi. PM away
  23. Bits And Bobs For Sale

    Bump. PM sent a while back...
  24. Left Handed Mec Stock For Anschutz

    I thought some bright spark might say that, but just because the price is in AUD does not mean the article is also there, nor even that is the currency of the transaction. I carefully selected the term "confirm", which should have alluded to the reader that I know there is an assumption I could make about the location of the item but that I chose not to make that assumption - after all we all know what assumption is the mother of. Do you assume the bullet will go in the middle? I don't