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  1. Kneeling Roll And Air Rifle/3P Stand

    As per my pm, this is it. Cheers Walter
  2. Anchutz 1407 Rifle Stock For Match 54 For Sale.

    That serial number makes it a 16 Series, like mine, number 1799--X. That is not to say it is the original stock, of course. Walter
  3. Anschütz 1907 In Grünig+Elmiger Rs Iii Stock

    I'll have that please Mac Walter Griffin
  4. Mec Shooting Frames

    I have MEC frames for sale. Tried to send pm, but your inbox must be full. Walter Griffin
  5. Shooting Kit For Sale – Left And Right Handed

    I'll take the Gehmann 565 iris / filters please. PM sent Walter
  6. Everything Must Go!

    Further to our previous pm conversation confirming I will take the MEC Glasses, how do you want to be paid? Cheque, Paypal? Cheers, Walter
  7. Everything Must Go!

    PM Sent.
  8. 2013 Extension Tube

    PM sent
  9. Fr703 Gemini Rifle

    I'm a Griffin, but I don't have one of those stocks! Sorry. Walter
  10. Air Bottle Wanted

    I will see how much the test costs me and let you know.
  11. Air Bottle Wanted

    Hi Robin I have an out of test Dragar lightweight 300 bar 6 ltr bottle (as used by fireman rather than divers, I believe). I will see about getting this tested over the next week or so. If you don't get fixed up with one and you are interested, let me know. Walter
  12. Please Help. Butt Part Wanted(New Update With Photo)

    Sounds like a project for Barry Nesom! Barry likes gold dust. (Don't we all?) Walter
  13. Shooting Boots

    Did you check your pm? Walter
  14. Zoom Lens

    As per my recent post about spotting scopes, you could try INFocus, who have used scopes and eyepieces: http://www.at-infocus.co.uk/usedequipment.html Walter
  15. Looking For A Stock

    There don't seem to be many used stocks available, so why not just look for a new wife? Come on! You were all thinking it! Walter
  16. Books, Books, Books!

    I will take Position Rifle Shooting & Marksmanship, please. Walter
  17. Champion Frames For Sale

    Champion World (3?) frames for sale. Adjustable for height of bridge. Small (25mm) lens holder. Fitted case. Pics to follow. £65 posted Walter
  18. Champion Frames For Sale

    Hi Alan Did you get my PM? Walter
  19. Carrier Plates And Kneeling Roll

    Hi Sarah My daughter has a leather Mouche kneeling roll, in excellent condition, for sale. It has a list price of £36, but yours for £18 + postage (its not very heavy!) Tried to post pics but keep encountering a problem. Please email me and I will email pics back to you. Regards Walter
  20. Champion Frames For Sale

    Sold to BigAl, subject to the usual. Thanks to everyone else for looking. Walter
  21. Champion Frames For Sale

    At last, here is a picture of the frames. Walter
  22. Anschutz Rifle, Complete, Ready To Shoot.

    I was at the club last night and got his number, but when I rang him today he told me he shook hands on a deal at the weekend. Just be patient, there are a few rifles out there. Walter
  23. Anschutz Rifle, Complete, Ready To Shoot.

    Someone in our club (Sunderland) has just decided to sell his 1813. It looks to be in good condition and he is asking £550, so is presumably open to a reasonable offer within your budget. Let me know if you are interested and I will get a contact number for you. Walter
  24. Retirement Sale

    I was looking for something last night and came across this old Rifleman from April 1992, showing a young (well younger) Chris Hector on the cover, after setting 2 new British records. Inside, a walnut stocked 1913 is £1,130 and Tenex is £75 per thousand. Those were the days! Enjoy your retirement Chris. Walter 20100716095722468.pdf