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  1. Old Anschutz Match 54 For Sale

    Due to the need for space I have now decided to break the rifle and sell what parts I can seperately. The barrel and action are now to be scrapped and the rifle is therefore no longer for sale.
  2. Old Anschutz Match 54 For Sale

    Hi The serial number is 15358 from which I gather you can determine age. I am having trouble uploading photos to the reply as an error message keeps appearing to say the file is too big. I will keep trying and hopefully overcome the problem later tonight. Glenn
  3. Old Anschutz Match 54 For Sale

    Old match 54 for sale to make room in my cabinet for my new rifle. Ideal plinker / club or field rifle / first .22. 69cm heavy barrel, good bore and shoots straight. In fair condition given its age, which is reflected in the price. I am looking for around £150 ono, an aluminium anschutz handstop (profiled for a right handed shooter) and old bipod are included as well as front and rear sights. The adjustable plastic buttplate is functional but has been reshaped very slightly on the face. I would also consider selling the barrel and action seperately - make me an offer! The rifle is in Lincolnshire.
  4. Barry Nesom Rollover Foresight

    Thanks for that, I have managed to order a sight today and look forward to putting it to good use in the near future. Glenn
  5. Barry Nesom Rollover Foresight

    Hi all Does anyone know where to obtain a rollover foresight of the type manufactured by Barry Nesom. I understand he lives in Yorkshire somewhere and have done an internet search without success. Regards Desperate of Boston