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  1. Rifle Stock

    The stock is a right handed 2213 and in good condition will take match 54 or the 18 and 19 series I will place a photo when I get back Home . Looking for £ 700 Src
  2. Rifle Stock

    Anschutze alu rifle stock for sale src
  3. Fireing Pin

    Gave the bolt to a gunsmith, there was a burr on the cocking handle He blended in and is now okay. Thanks for all advice. S R C
  4. Fireing Pin

    It's very tight on cocking and looking at the pin it has a lot of wear on one corner where it is pushed back to cock. Ever thing is clean. S R C
  5. Fireing Pin

    thanks but I think it is the firing as it takes quite a bit of force to cock it I'm going to try a pin from a club rifle to first and go from their S R C
  6. Fireing Pin

    Fireing pin required for match 54 src.
  7. Gehmann 565 Iris

    Hi Andrew, I will buy the rear sight from you, if you could let me know the transaction details we can go ahead. David src
  8. Gehmann 565 Iris

    I'm looking for replacement rear sight and this fits the bill. do I have to go through Edinkilli src sunderland