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  1. Hi Ark, No the Gemini is going to be up for sale shortly as well.
  2. Thanks to all those who have responded. I have a number of offers at present, but am away travelling on business until Tuesday. Given the interest I think it is likely the rifle will be sold. I will respond to all the mails as soon as possible. Thanks again. A rare opportunity to secure a L/H MEC GE600 Stock fitted to a low usage 1913 selected barrel and action <5,000 rounds since purchase. All in excellent condition. The stock is Silver and Blue the grip is "Large" Included in the sale are 3 MEC Free position butt plates, including the ratchets to feed into the stock for quick replacement when shooting 3P! Also, apart from the main cheekpiece there is an extra cheekpiece unit to fit into the stock without the Cheek piece itself. The cheek piece has been adapted so may need to be replaced with a more up to date version if you wish. However, I still use it without any problems. More details and photos available for those interested. Anyone who does not know what the stock looks like, there are a number of photos of Neil using his on the Edinkellie Web site. Price £1,850
  3. If any one is looking for another Hammer Shark, I have one. Same details as Mac - this has been used. £35 SOLD
  4. 12In Tube For Bleiker - Barry Neesom

    I'll have that... Thats great please send me your details and I will pack it up and send it on.
  5. This is a 12in tube made by Barry Neesom for a Bleiker rifle. The tube is in very good condition but it does have a very slight nick in the tube about 2/3rds of the way along. It does not interfere with the system Price £50 SOLD
  6. The stabilising system mounts onto the front rail and can be adjusted in all planes. As it is virtually brand new and in pristine condition £125.00 Unfortunately the photo has failed to upload but the equivalent can be seen on line.
  7. I have had these in my shooting kit for 8 years as they came with my first rifle! They are in their original box and they are looking for a new home. The elements run from 3.1mm to 4.5mm in 2mm increments all have a slight pink tint. The leaflet in the photo says it all. How about £25.00
  8. Mec / Centra Handstop

    The Mec / Centra Handstop can be offset sideways as well as being positioned front and rear quickly and easily using the large adjustment knob. Excellent condition. Supplied with a button sling attachment. Priced at £55.00 - Sold
  9. I have a virtually new G & E Xtreme Butt Plate for sale. It is currently configured with 5mm SupaGrips top and centre and a 10mm SupaGrip on the bottom. The other sections are available for purchase as well. Condition is mint and a snip with the extra SupaGrips at £350.
  10. Wanted Eagle Eye

    Hi I have an Eagle eye for sale but it is a 0.30 for an 18mm. please see photo. If it is of interest £20 is fine. All the best. Alan
  11. Mec Mk1 Trigger Shoe For A Fwb

    I am looking for a Mec Mk1 trigger shoe to fit an FWB. I know about the new style Mk2 but the MK1 will suit mw better. Any offers please let me know. Thanks Alan F
  12. 1913 In A New Precise Stock

    I would like to thank all those who have expressed an interest in this rifle. I am happy to say a deal has been done and funds have exchanged hands. It has gone to a good home and hopefully will be an asset to the new owner. Thanks again Alan
  13. 1913 In A New Precise Stock

    Thanks Colin, I think it is a fair price given the condition and age. The one thing people forget is that being left handed tends to have a couple of other disadvantages. Kit tends to have higher price and waiting for a "selected" barrel can take some time based on their availability. This particular barrel took almost 5 months to come in!
  14. 1913 In A New Precise Stock

    Yep, makes it fair for all to see where you are pitching your sale and stops ridiculous offers right off the bat Sorry Guys, did not know these are the rules. Both rifle and stock are in pristine condition, I am looking for around £1,500 for them including the standard Anschutz butt plate.
  15. 1913 In A New Precise Stock

    How much are you looking for? Does i t come with sights? I have some spare sights if you wish. Suggest you get in touchwith me on the following email aaforrester@btinternet.com. Let me have your contact details and we can see if we can come up with a deal.