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  1. Fwb 2602 For Sale (blue Alluminium Stock)

    Guys, please go harass Rich elsewhere and let him get on with selling his rifle in this thread...
  2. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    I feel I should applaud!
  3. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    Must remember to do my parking trick next to your car one day. While you're in my car. Back ON topic guys, I think we've hi-jacked this thread enough...
  4. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    My far-from-expert opinion would be that it wouldn't make a difference in smallbore, wouldn't know about fullbore. Thinking about it, I know that the lightweight FWB barrel is only lighter than the heavyweight FWB barrel because of a difference in diameter of the barrel, and I don't believe that there is any noticable difference in performance. I don't think that there's a difference in performance of an 07 barrel against a 13, so probably any difference caused by heat dissipation is negligible. But I'm just rambling. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to correct me.
  5. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    Surely that would only be even a slight issue in a fullbore?
  6. Good 3p Rifle Required.

    If you get a heavier barrel you can't make it lighter, however if you stick with your current barrel you can put weights on the rifle and make it heavier.
  7. Database Corruption

    Robin - what have you said that you don't want anyone else to know?
  8. L/h Rifle

    Hi guys, Looking for a true left-handed rifle in decent condition for a promising junior in a club I belong to. She's very long-limbed so size is not a problem, it just has to be sensible for shooting 3P. In Hampshire area, but can collect from Bisley. Thanks.
  9. L/h Rifle

    Bob, Thanks, I've passed that on to her but haven't yet heard back. I'll let you know as soon as I do though.
  10. Dicounted Fuel!!

    Surely, Clive, if that's your local school then the council should help out? I drive a car. But only when I have rifle and kitbag with me. And for most journeys, I do have rifle and kitbag with me.
  11. Air Rifle

    I'd auction it by PMs.
  12. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Chris, another of my friends is interested in your rifle, will PM you with details.
  13. 10000 Posts

    I knew there was something good about being mostly self-coached.
  14. 10000 Posts

    Train? Why would anyone do that? Very very useful, so thank you very much for setting it up in the first place.
  15. Rifle Cabinet

    I'm looking for a 3+ rifle cabinet, preferably with a separate ammo locker. Sussex/Hampshire/Surrey area, and I can collect from Bisley.
  16. Rifle Cabinet

    Thanks Walter, I didn't get that one as it went for far too much. However I won another and will be picking it up this weekend. Hopefully it'll be decent.
  17. Parts For Walther Bolt

    One of my friends has managed to drop his bolt from a ladder onto concrete and fears that the ejector and possibly a few other parts are broken. The rifle model is a Walther UIT apparently. Does anyone have a bolt or parts for sale? Or does anyone know where he can take it to be fixed? He has e-mailed Walther but as yet has had no reply.
  18. Parts For Walther Bolt

    Well, I showed this thread to the party concerned, and he promptly sent me an e-mail with his reply:
  19. Parts For Walther Bolt

    But you're all enjoying it so much.
  20. Parts For Walther Bolt

    He's been using his bolt, and it does work after all. However, his scores have been far more variable (in a bad way) than normal. Is this likely to have been caused by damage to the bolt?
  21. Parts For Walther Bolt

    So are you still going or would you like me to tell you how he dropped his bolt from up a ladder?
  22. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    By the sounds of it, he's not interested and has found another one. Sorry.
  23. Upgrading The Forum

    I would say that a charge to register wouldn't be a good move. It would stop all those people who have no idea how to pay online from registering, and also it would stop all those who believe that it is highly insecure.
  24. Scope Stand Extension Rods

    Anyone selling some extension rods for a scope stand?
  25. Scope Stand Extension Rods

    Chris, I'm at Bisley this weekend as well, presumably for the same reason as you. Neil, yes one of the guys from my club is going, hopefully I can talk him into taking my stand with him... Thanks guys.