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  1. Scope Stand Extension Rods

    Terry, I don't know anyone with a workshop who'd be prepared to, and I don't have the skills. I'm never certain when Molly's going to be anywhere and I need advance notice before paying out more than about a fiver for anything... and I've only two training weekends left (that I can get to) while I'm a junior, so I suspect that's out... Allancet, as you've only two I'd like to know if they've the same threading as my stand does, how often do you get to Bisley? Or are in Hampshire/Sussex area? If so then... well I'll work out a price later, but I can pay you then if they do fit.
  2. Complete Shooting Kit For Sale

    Ah well. Thanks Robert.
  3. Complete Shooting Kit For Sale

    Robert, do you know if he's sold all this stuff? I'm not interested in all of it, just bits...
  4. Scope & Stand

    Anyone got a decent scope and stand going? It needs to be OK at 100yds but nothing fancy.
  5. Scatt System

    (Very off-topic remark, sorry. Who's thought about the fact that there is only one monopolies board? )
  6. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    He's not got his FAC yet, it's still being processed by Surrey police, but he's interested if you still have it by the time Surrey have got around to doing it. I'll let you know then.
  7. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    That's OK, you were (are?) in Italy. One of my friends may be interested, I'll try and get in contact with him again. Thanks Chris.
  8. Rifle And Boots Foe Sale

    Chris, have you sold the rifle yet?
  9. Realtree Jackets/hw77k For Sale.

    Can we play finders keepers with your kit Trev? I could do with another buttplate...
  10. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Shrek - what's happening with this?
  11. Wanted Free Or Cheap To A Good Home

    I believe the Lottery grant thingy is increasing the maximum amout you can ask for fairly soon, but I don't know any details. Anyone else know?
  12. Air Pistol

    Fair enough. Though we bought a pistol from pony club for £60. OK, so it was certainly not a good one, but it was good enough for us because the targets are huge and we didn't need a better one. Are they still starting youngsters off shooting double-handed? Good luck to them.
  13. Air Pistol

    If they're doing it with pony club (as I did) ask the pony club people. If not, see if you can find the relevant pony club people and ask them.
  14. Merry Christmas

    And Merry Christmas to you too Neil.
  15. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Sizes would be great, but off-hand it sounds very much like what my family needs! So if you do find a bigger safe, I think you have a buyer for that one, though I'll have to check with Dad. :-)
  16. Wtd: Ammo Safe

    Shrek - are you going to keep your current one?
  17. Ebay Auction Items

    And they won't ship outside the US anyway...
  18. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    Yes, I am suggesting I have odd parents, but I suspect you wouldn't get away with suggesting so to my mum, Trev.
  19. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    For some reason my parents weren't keen on that. They're happier with an actual designed-for-the-purpose-of 3P stand, despite the expense. Which is very very odd.
  20. Kneeling/standing Rifle Rest

    Sounds good to me! Minichop gets first choice though.
  21. Air Pistol?

    My mum would like an (old) air pistol, if anyone's selling one in the South East or visiting Bisley.
  22. Air Pistol?

    Oh cool, will you be at the club on Tuesday? And will you bring it along then?
  23. Air Rifle?

    Anyone in the South East (or visiting Bisley) selling an air rifle?
  24. Air Rifle?

    Do you know how much he wants for it? I can get to Bisley on either the 6th of the 7th, briefly.
  25. Air Rifle?

    That's great, thanks Neil! Though if it's a really good one I probably can't have it because my mum's getting a little upset about the money my dad keeps putting into shooting... When are you coming down to Bisley then?