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  1. Forgot to mention includes neesom tube 3&12 inch
  2. Rifle is based down South but I'm still in west of Scotland. PM me.
  3. For sale: System Gemini FR703 stock (red and gold) for round action with 1813 with Lilja Barrel (same as used on standard bleiker) Wolff Springs upgrade in bolt. Two custom grips, one based on Gemini broomstick grip one FWB medium custom fitted. Looking for £1750 - better pictures to follow. Signs and hand drop not included Have a selection of buttplates, handstops, sights to go with - post to follow! Please PM.
  4. For Sale: Fwb700

    FWB700 black 2nd generation good condition. Low barrel count. Includes standard FWB sights, case and TEC-HRO 2.0 raiser blocks, no spacers £1000
  5. For Sale: Mec Free And Duplex

    All gone
  6. For Sale: Mec Free And Duplex

    Mec Free Crystal 1.8 Iris Duplex with 3 inserts Collimator Glare tube £500 delivered by postman pats armoured car (best possible recorded delivery) Selling because I simply don't do enough shooting these days. Had it over a year and used it twice. Full working order. Would rather not split
  7. Anschutz 2013 In Gemini Stock

    Interesting example of the Gemini Concept Stock.
  8. For Sale: Mec/centra Duplex

    No i havent actually! I've been doing uni work, not shooting! (You heard it here first folks) Still available, also includes the collimator to give it the full range of movement on MEC Free or Gehmann 590, and I believe old anschutz. Let me know if interested.
  9. Gemini Butt Plate

    Ive not seen a TecHro in the flesh. The thing about the 'Armadillo' (4760) is that G&E made an almost identical copy of it, and Anschutz have re-introduced an updated version, so there must be strong demand for them. I like the 4765 too, but my favourite has to be the MEC Free position. Easy to use and looks great. Trouble is, again, not many come up second hand. try before before you buy is my advice. Jonty I've got 2 of the Tec Hro Fusion butt plates and there's nothing wrong with the build quality!! I've got a 3rd one on the way too.. Iv got techro and mec plates both used regularly there's nothing wrong with build quality. The Tec plate is a bit fiddly to setup but great when done right. Gemini plates are only really used by us brits. The predominant plate in use in europe is the mec nearly everyone uses it in one form or another. Ignoring the fact Nicollo Campriani and Henry Junganel use them. They win world cups and things like that....
  10. Tim is right. Im after a buttplate which can do up down and adjustable chord
  11. Anschutz Plastic Buttpad

    Some of them maybe, its the flatter plastic one, not deep rubber one seen on some 1907s
  12. Looking for a very basic adjustable buttplate, beyond just a standard buttpad. All options welcomed
  13. Anschutz Plastic Buttpad

    Looking for an Anschutz plastic Buttpad - as used on 1811 stocks. Simple one that moves up and down only
  14. It of a long shot, but has anyone got an 1811 prone stock trigger guard and bedding bolts going? Bought a cut down stock for the smaller folk at uni
  15. Cardiff Hotel

    Try Air BnB - I know theres a decent rate BnB right around the corner from Sport Wales.