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  1. KK300 / 200 Stock

    Club member looking a right handed KK300 Stock, preferably an Alu although would consider an anatomic. PM me and I can pass on the details cheers
  2. Walther KK300 Alutec in Black SOLD !!

    BUMP for the weekend ; )
  3. Walther KK300 Alutec in Black SOLD !!

    Wanted to sight it in with the Walther sights on, dosent shoot badly at all !
  4. Walther KK300 Alutec in Black SOLD !!

    It is a MEC , its standard on the KK300 so selling with the rifle ; )
  5. Walther KK300 Alutec in Black SOLD !!

    I also have a KK300 Barrelled action available, again approx a year and a half old , 6k rounds through it and tested very well.
  6. SOLD pending payment ! Selling a Walther KK300 in Black, Centra 18mm foresight, handstop, breech guide,rear sight Approx a year old, 6k rounds through it and tested very well with Lapua THIS IS NOT THE CHEAPER BLACKTEC MODEL ! £1750
  7. SOLD Tuner tube for Walther but may fit others ( 25mm dia ) I bought this a while ago second hand but never used the tube only the collar as I was able to swap my longer tube between my 2 actions. £135 +p&p
  8. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT !! As above Mx02 for sale Perfect working order, not using it enough and my club has one if I need it. It'll pay for a new 9mm toy ; ) £1000 plus postage or will be over at Bisley Sat 12 Aug
  9. SOLD !! I am selling a Starik Carbon Fibre TunerTube which I bought not long ago from Scott on the forum. I purchased it to try and compare against the Uptagrafft tube I was using as the Starik is much lighter. I just like the extra weight on the Uptagrafft so am selling. It is 13 inches long as is like new, Scott had it on his 20 series Anschutz but would fit a 19 series also.I had it fitted to my Walther KK300.( it takes Anschutz dovetail foresight ) I am looking for around £140 +PP for it. The barrel diameter is 25.75mm. I will get pics up shortly.
  10. SOLD !! As the title, very good condition £135 + p&p I have also listed a Kowa TSN 821 scope in the sales section!
  11. SOLD !! Bought new and been around the world with me for years! It's just not being used now so up for sale Most of the marks are from the fleece cover which has been on from day one and only removed for the photo! £400 + p&p I have also listed a Andrew Tucker Stand in the sales section