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    Then family ;)
  1. Anschutz 4760 butt hook adjustment disc.

    Probably easier to make one than but one. It can be quite hard to get old Anschutz parts- try ebay though!
  2. Andrew Tucker Stand

    Hi Anschutzfan. Re the second set of poles - how much do you want for these? And including postage? Thanks Chris
  3. Fwb 2700 Free Rifle For Sale

    Hi Bakerific, Which club do you shoot with? I may be able to steer some Glos shooters your way, who might be interested. I'm the secretary for the Gloucestershire Association of Smallbore Rifle & Pistol Clubs (GASRPC). We're on here: www.gasrpc.com I hope this helps. Kind regards Chris Hunter
  4. Stand Extension poles and sight bits

    Ha - the forum is trying to correct a supposed swearword! Let's imagine I said "re-fashioned" instead!
  5. Stand Extension poles and sight bits

    Hi Anschutzfan. Have you got any photos of the poles? I need a set, and have b#st*rdised some Freeland poles in a tucker stand - how is your set put together? I'd be interested to see/know!
  6. Centra Pro57 Rear Sight

    Hi Rhys. Is it a canting rearsight?
  7. Anschutz Supermatch Match 54 + Extras

    Weird. No idea how they got there.
  8. Walther Spares...!

    Hi guys I'm after some Walther rods for cheekpiece and butt plate potentially. I'd need the spindle also. And - I need something that will go on the narrow front dovetail of the KK300 Anatomic. Does anyone have any sight risers for this? Any spares much appreciated - PM me or email me at chunter177@hotmail.com. Thanks, Chris
  9. Please Read!

    Hi Neil, As I said at the British 50m- this is a great forum. It has many active users - I recently posted a query about the value of a rifle and enjoyed a prompt response. Be assured- the forum as a whole is much appreciated. I suspect when ISSF rule changes come in it will again be a hive of activity!
  10. Stock For A 1913

    Interesting thread!
  11. Sold Grunig & Elmiger Master M + Centra/mec Handstops

    I'm at the Surrey on Sunday if that helps.
  12. Sold Grunig & Elmiger Master M + Centra/mec Handstops

    IRommel- can I take the MEC handstop please?
  13. For Sale: System Gemini Fr703 With 1813 Lilja Barrel

    Hi Squishy. Where are you? Any chance I can have a go?
  14. Kurt Thune Shooting Jacket

    PUAKMBWA = ?!!
  15. Anschutz "selected" 1907 In 1913 Stock Plus Other Items.

    Ha! Sorry! I'd best put the same to narrow boat! Is the 1907 sold yet?