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  1. Trousers And Glove For Sale

    Yes I am a bit odd but not in shape!! Cheers Steve you are welcome, hope John enjoys the rifle. Tony.
  2. Trousers And Glove For Sale

    Hi Everyone, PLEASE NOTE JUST NOTICED I HAD PUT THE WRONG SIZE DOWN ON THE TROUSERS THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS:- Trousers 34" waist Buinger Schiebsport good condition bum pad removed to meet new regs, come with braces and postage included £40 Glove Schultz Exactia RV Medium was new at Xmas left handed glove for right handed shooter includes postage £12 Can email pics if required. Regards Tony. NOW ON EB_____Y THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT STUFF!! RECOMMEND WHITECROSS (JOHN) HE IS NEW TO THIS FORUM BUT IS A THOROUGHLY SMASHING BLOKE!! CHEERS ALL SIGNING OFF !! TONY.
  3. Kit For Sale

    Hi alan, Eddie has been in touch thanks!! all sorted. Tony.
  4. Kit For Sale

    Hi everyone, Rifle now sold so I have the following, all prices include postage from IOM, for reference to fitting I am 5ft 7" and 12st 7lb and jacket/trousers are fine with room to go up/down several pound. Gehmann 482 boots size 9, have altered them to meet new regs not to cobblers standard but ok usual condition as only used indoors! £50 (SOLD TO GAV SUBJECT TO USUAL) Sauer boot straighteners £18 (SOLD TO GAV) Gehmann 404 jacket, euro size 50 usual wear with rifle contact otherwise good condition 3 years old for right handed shooter £55 (SOLD TO EDDY SUBJECT TO USUAL) Trousers Buinger Schiebsport 42 waist come with braces, bum pad removed for new regs good condition £40 Glove Schultz exactia RV medium left hand for right handed shooter 3 months old £12 Pellet tray holds 100 .177 pellets £5 (SOLD TO BIGAL) Pics on request via email. Thanks Tony.
  5. Hi everyone, I am selling my rifle as I have decided to give up shooting due to a lack of progress. It comes with all standard parts and is in very good condition and is just over 2 years old and has a medium grip. Additional 18mm elements in 4.6 and 4.7 and high end 18mm 4.5 one clear and one yellow and 140g stock weights. In addition there is a Centra 1.8 indoor aperture iris/filters Also a Centra score 22mm foresight with high end 4.5mm glass element. Some wear on the palm rest (protouch paint worn off slightly) and have put an adhesive foam pad on the cheek piece but it will come off cleanly if you dont like it. Cannot load pictures?? ANY IDEAS?? but can email them. Total price including extras come to £1928 looking for £1300 which includes delivery from RFD as I live in the Isle of Man. SOLD TO WHITECROSS THANKS. Rest of kit to follow when rifle sells. Thanks Tony.
  6. Air Rifle

    Hi I sent you a PM about a week ago did you get it?? Thanks Tony.
  7. Gehmann 427 Shooting Trousers

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of Gehmann 427 size 48 trousers for sale (just got a good pair from Perc cheers mate!) Got them xmas 2011 and they are in good condition--scuff mark on nylon vent on left thigh where my jacket has been chafing but not a problem still very stiff. They would suit 32/33 waist and 30 leg perfectly--I am size 34 but they are tight hence the change to size 50. NOW ON EBAY
  8. Ladies Shooting Trousers

    Hi Neil, I have a pair of Gehmann model 427 size 48cm. The fly/velcro is the opposite way to a blokes (I thought thats how they must be) but I have just got a pair from Perc and they are the right way around so I presume mine are Ladies?? In any case they are in good condition got them for xmas 2011 and are still very stiff. Scuff mark on the left leg nylon vent where my jacket has been chafing but is nothing to worry about. NOW ON EBAY
  9. Shooting Clothing For Sale

    Hi you have PM reference the trousers. Tony.
  10. Help With Sizing

    Hi I am buying some off the peg trousers probably Gehmann 427. HOW do I work out my size I am 34 waist and 29 inside leg. Have looked at the sizing chart but am confused PLEASE HELP!! Thanks Tony.
  11. Steyr Lg1 Ssp

    NEW PRICE £350 UK ONLY SOLD!!!!!!!!
  12. Steyr Lg1 Ssp

  13. Steyr Lg1 Ssp

    Steyr LG1 SSP 10m .177 target air rifle for sale as I am upgrading to a pcp. Lovely gun ideal for learner or anyone who prefers this type of rifle. Very good condition has a Steyr rear sight and a Centra iris front sight. Also some barrel weights which I had made at the local machine shop--then can be added on behind the front sight and clamp into place and they work!! Comes with a Flambeau plastic case which is in good condition. Price INCLUDES postage from RFD to your nominated RFD £350 UK ONLY Any questions please ask. Thanks Tony. Cannot attach photos can E mail them or can someone tell me how to put them on Thanks. NEW PRICE
  14. Target Shooting Clothing

    Thanks for the advice Tony.
  15. Target Shooting Clothing

    Hi have recently started 10m target shooting,have bought a Steyr LG1 which is excellent, but now getting to the point were I need to get the necessary clothing to improve my shooting. I am after a 3P jacket size 52 (44" chest) Trousers 34"waist boots size 9 Not too bothered about style but need to be in a useable condition,am on a tight budget as have a habit of letting my pastimes run away with my wallet!! so this is being managed. Not after any charity but if anyone has any kit they think would suit please E mail me with what you have and how much you would like. Thanks for looking-cheers Tony. Have sorted a jacket thanks to Perc(Nick) Have sorted boots via E bay Any trousers going spare?? Thanks Tony.